View Full Version : lineup is awesome, poster design sucks

twilight monkey
01-19-2011, 12:43 AM
First of all. I dig the lineup. I think they packed in pretty much most buzz bands of the past 2 years without selecting the ones that have huge douche followings (of course there are exceptions, ahem, queers of leon). And we have to admit, sometimes these festivals can be pretty hit or miss depending on your tastes in music.

BUT if there's one thing that we can always rely on, is the great poster art! This year, wtffff? It looks like it was drawn on a paper towel. And what's with there having no color?! The home page designs look fantastic and it puzzles me why they wouldn't keep that consistent with the poster art. Am i colorblind or something? Am i missing some vibrant shade of purple or blue that's in some 3D form on the poster? At first glance this wouldn't seem like a big deal, but this poster is what I will remember 10 years from now. It's how my mind distinguishes what year was what year.

But overall, great job GV. I have now convinced myself once again that credit card debt ain't so bad