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01-14-2011, 11:42 PM
Saw his set end of December at Rhythm and Vines Festival in New Zealand and was one of the stand out sets of the entire festical. Not to mention one of the nicest artists + crew to have the pleasure of working along side.

This would totally rock the Sahara. His stuff pretty much British grime cross electro sounding.

This track features Swedish House Mafia


04-03-2011, 09:53 AM
Wow, NOBODY has posted on this? I'm lookin' forward to hopefully catching his set, I like his stuff. And it seems to make sense that we would get a collaboration for this:


But perhaps that's just wishful thinking.

04-04-2011, 01:46 PM
i saw him at ultra. he was alright, if no one is playing while he is ill check him out

04-17-2011, 10:13 AM
wow, only 2 replies for this guy. 6pm Gobi. Be there!

04-18-2011, 07:55 PM
Great set. Ellie's appearance was a nice treat.
Oh, and thanks for the sunglasses!

04-20-2011, 10:12 AM
i dug this set. caught it completely be accident too

04-20-2011, 12:35 PM
I had to leave when I heard him do a "I whip my hair back and forth" remix. It ruined his set for me.