View Full Version : bay area//east bay//carpool

12-15-2010, 11:20 AM
its my turn to hook up transportation this year
i will be renting a mini van and will have room for 1 maybe 2
taking off thursday EARLY like 6am and leave the polo fields monday early like 7am
i live in walnut creek
we will be picking people up from fresno and on the way
plan to be there when the gates open and car camp

you can use me for the ride if needed
gas $ of course

i know what its like to be left high and dry when a ride bails so thats why i send this out early

contact me please as it gets closer to the event 30 days before or so
i will know at that time if i have room for 1 or 2

happy coachella!

04-16-2014, 09:47 AM
Hey! I'm in Sunnyvale (San Jose) and looking for a ride for wed night/ thu morning (: let me know if you have a spot! I pack light and will pitch in for gas, and if we would be able to swing by Glendale id love to pick up a couple things I've left at my friends.