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06-22-2010, 11:32 PM
The RIZO Presents: Summer of BASS Arts & Music Festival

The Summer of Love is upon us, and what better way to celebrate it with a BASS-tastic music and arts festival! The Rizo brings you one groovy bass filled night, with both visual, musical arts AND wonderment!.



[BOMBADUB, http://6blocc.com/]


R.A.W. aka 6BLOCC is known for his relentless techniques behind the wheels of steel. Getting his start back in 1985, this dj is no amateur when it comes to tuntablizm. In 1988 he made his move into the hip hop game with 2 vinyl releases under the name PROJECT X which featured Brooklyn MC, SILKSKII. In 1991 the sounds of UK hardcore / jungle were creeping onto the shelves of dance shops in L.A. and R.A.W. was quick to spin and represent. With help from Dj Dan, R.A.W. began playing at major raves and underground events throughout the west coast. By 1994 R.A.W. alongside Dj Curious and Dj Trance (Jason Blakemore) started L.A.'s first jungle weekly called....JUNGLE! Located at a dirty abandoned train station known as the Belmont Tunnel (Predator II was filmed here as well), the weekly gathering was the only place on the westcoast to hear the dark sounds of reinforced and suburban base records. The venue was kept dark with only one laser to keep the junglist listening and falling deeper into the music. By the mid-90's R.A.W. was traveling all over the world rocking crowds with his signature sound of urban jungle choonz and b-boy turntable tactics. In 1997, R.A.W. would go on to win the West L.A. Music Dj Battle judged by Dj Quik. Shortly after this he was hired by a Japanese sound design company to produce 2 sample cd's: DRUM AND BASS AMMO and HIP HOP AMMO; both were sold with the Roland SP-808 in Japan. Also around this time he began to release his jungle productions on labels like Warner Bros., Thrive, Priority, Mictlan, Tonz of Drumz, N2O and by 2000 on labels like Thermal, Vortex, Sound Sphere where the sound was getting faster and rougher. His single on Sound Sphere was a masterpiece created with E-Sassin at the Sound Sphere studios. Together they weaved an intricate tale of twisted breaks and evil winds over a relentless bassline that would pound the listener every 16 counts. Other R.A.W. classics still rock dancefloors worldwide like - Passin Me By Remix, Klash, Jah Rise, Ragga 2001 (which brought the stateside ragga-jungle sound to the masses), Mathematical Chemistry and Monkey Business..just to name a few! His discography has reached over 50 vinyl releases and a plethora of mixtape / mix-cd releases that sell out throughout the year! By 2007 R.A.W reinvents himself as 6BLOCC and is releasing his new sound on labels like Lo Dubs, N2O, Tribe Steppaz UK, Bootshake UK, La Dubstep Nostra and the popular white label War Recordings. In 2008, Portland bass music label, Lo Dubs calls upon the 6BLOCC to rock a mix cd featuring the Lo Dubs roster. The result is ANALOG CLASH, the first CD compilation / mix that features dubstep music from the Americas (north and south) as well as a remix from Vex'd. So far it has sold over 3000 units within months of the release date! When he isn't on the road or in the air flying to various clubs and events throught out the U.S. 6BLOCC is managing his digi-label DIGITAL 6 (available on http://.digital-tunes.net/



Reid Speed has been a dancefloor destroyer for over a decade, and is second to none when it comes to heavy bass genre mashing. She currently runs Play Me Records, a leader in dubstep and fidget house, while simultaneously holding down a full production and tour schedule. As one of the first US DJs to champion speed garage & 2 step (which have become todays's fidget house and dubstep), her new label's quick rise to the top of the dance charts reflects her continually forward thinking musical evolution. Reid started out in the New York City underground working behind the counter at the legendary Breakbeat Science store, holding residencies with Stuck on Earth, Direct Drive & Camouflage while in college at the School of Visual Arts. Drum and bass at the start, she was soon was seduced by the sounds of 2 step and speed garage and began DJing full time, producing tracks and throwing her own events. Signing to Breakbeat Science's label in 2001, she released her first mix "Resonance" to much critical acclaim, and successfully followed it up with 2003's "Life After Dark." On subsequent tours with Om artists Ming & FS and Colette she honed her precise genre mashing mixing skills and developed a synergy with her crowds that is unmatched. Her tunes and mixes get play from many of the worlds most respected radio stations and DJs including BBC/ Annie Nightingale (voted Reid Best Mix of 2008), Sweidish Egil (Power 106 LA), Z-trip, Drop the Lime, Jaimie Fanatic, 12th Planet, Bassnectar & DJ Dan. Whether on the floor, in the studio or behind the decks Reid keeps pushing boundaries forward every step she takes.



This dynamic duo is one part SAM XL and one part PABLO HASSAN. Rinsing out the dubs and destroying dance floors all over Southern California, these hometown heros are legends of the LA DUBSTEP SCENE. Their sonic sound brings together two of the most respected BASS crews in Los Angeles, PureFilth and SMOG. Both PureFilth and SMOG are well known for their sold out events that bring such talent as Skream!, Benga, Caspa, Rusko, and many more. These two DJS are no amateurs in the scene as they have been bringing the bass for countless years, most recently for their sets at PureFilth's BASSFACE.

APX 1 [Ghetto Life, Tonz of Drumz]


Los Angeles Born & Raised Dj/Producer who has been involved with the L.A. Underground Scene for over 10 years now, primarily known for his own unique rough sound & west coast influenced Hip Hop Reggae style of Drum n Bass & Dubstep. APX 1 Has performed at some of Southern California's Biggest Electronic Music Events. In 2006 alongside his partner Dj CRS? they embarked on an East Coast Jungle/D&B Tour which included a legendary booking in South Africa. In 2007 APX 1 & Dj CRS? came up with an idea for a Sunday Day Party called "I LOVE LA". Now it has become a Major Outlet for Local Artists to Showcase their Talent. Also in 2007 APX 1 became one of the Resident Dj's at the World Famous House of Blues on the Sunset Strip in Hollywood, making an impact in the Hip Hop Community opening for major acts in the Last 3 years like JAY-Z, CYPRESS HILL, SNOOP DOGG, LIL WAYNE, ICE CUBE, MOS DEF, & THE WU TANG CLAN, Lupe Fiasco & more. He has worked with Practically Every Single Major Name that Hip Hop has To Offer. From the Jungles of South Africa to the Concrete Jungles of America APX 1 has made his mark as a leading driving force in this independent hustle called Music.



20 year old producer born and raised in Los angeles, Ash Riser found his true calling of writing and performing at a young age. With the local success of his last group PISTOL PISTOL who released two records between 07, and 09.(The Cause 2007 and Goliath's Fall 2009), and 4 demos before that from 05-07. At the age of 19 he began producing dubstep, hip hop, and electro. Any giving second of any giving day you can find the ASHTROBOT working away, absorbing, creating, expanding, and constructing, funky fresh, groove-matic, ill sounds that make your ears wet. Now, Ash Riser is expected to release his first record "Hash Rock Supa Fly v.1" July 2010 blending dubstep with some live instruments, original vocals, and a little bit of blues and soul. currently he is involved in two other electronic projects that are both expected to turn some heads, (look out for E!NSTE!N and ATS)



Colorado grew to know him as MC Dino, the infamous 7 -year resident of Breakdown Thursdays at the Snake Pit, the nation’s 1 Drum and Bass club night. This rockstar emcee most notorious for his poetic genius with a microphone, has allowed him to command crowds at such infamous events as Cyberfest, Bassrush, Electric Daisy Carnival, World of drum and bass, VIRAM WMC, and countless other raves and shows across the US. Born in Northern Colorado, Dino spent time growing up in Mexico and various parts of California before returning to Colorado a decade ago and then ending up in Los Angeles. In 1997 he set out as an emcee, needing outlet for the poetry streaming through his head and inspired by the aggressive new sound jungle provided. 1998 proved a year of reckoning and direction, He started performing regularly at the Snake Pit on a night then called ‘Plastic Thursdays’ that offered techno one half of the night and jungle the other. During this period Dino gathered his musically-inclined cohorts and formed a solid group called Urban Aboriginee. MC Dino has emceed for the greatest names in Drum and Bass, including Andy C, Shimon, Rinse, Flux, Diesel Boy, AK1200, Dara, Bad Company, Danny the Wild Child, Tech Itch, Reid Speed and Craze just to name a few. Dino has been featured on tracks produced by DJ Icee, Swamp, Reid Speed, Gridlok, Bullerproof and has co-created other works with WishFM, among others. His own music as well as recordings of sets performed with DJ Fury can be found at urbanaboriginee.com Recognized for his high-energy lyrical prowess on the microphone, MC Dino is a crowd favorite on the mic and is an asset to any DJ he rhymes alongside.








Full Turbo Sound provided by: VIK

State of the art lighting by: Lighting Underground

Live Projection by: MC.STUDIO.ART

$15 BEFORE 10 PM

$20 AFTER 10 PM

Call 626-628-5763 after 8pm day of event for directions.

06-23-2010, 12:06 AM
I always enjoyed seeing R.A.W. during my rave days in the mid to late 90s.

This sh!t definitely didn't deserve 3 threads though.

06-23-2010, 01:51 AM
gotta make sure everyone sees it!!!! and trust if you been to any of our parties you wouldn't be saying that. :D

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Message board etiquette. Has nothing to do to with how good your party is unless you wanna be labeled a spammer and ignored.

6blocc and Reid always throw down.

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he is a spammer, only thing he posts and bumps is these stupid threads.

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Oh its at Lot 613? Even better! :rolleyes

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well not ignored. Hehe

The Rizo is not here to get a message board battle it's just about getting the word out there if you guys don't like it just don't click it we are not spamming your inbox or anything. :D

Big ups for bumping us up though over 70 views over night and we have you to thank!!!

Peace. Love. & Maryjane!

06-23-2010, 09:44 PM
dude to be honest with you we probably won't break even but hey it's not about that it's about throwing quality events. To many people are in this game for the cash.

@theresalwaysone hell yeah we are very excited we got lot613 it's gonna look epic in there. Working with the city so we can go till 3am maybe later.

Take care guys.

06-26-2010, 05:25 PM
Check out TRVST's Summer of BASS Mix direct link below. :D

Click link below to download.


or Soundcloud link if you don't want to download.


Travis Talley (aka TRVST) started his musical career at a young age
being trained on piano then moving to jazz percussion and drumming. An
early love for music led him to appreciate a wide variety of genres. By
...playing in a number of funk, jazz and jam bands he also gained
experience writing and producing. Eventually he found house along with
drum n bass and developed a passion for electronic music. He gradually
made his way to the DJ booth and started spinning for art parties and
clubs in the LA area in 2003. He has continued to make appearances in
LA, Orange County and San Francisco over the past few years spinning
tunes ranging from downtempo to house, drum n bass and dubstep. A true
appreciation for multiple genres has lead him to a variety of events
and the creation of his own eclectic productions. In 2010 he has
appeared with the Junction crew in Long Beach and spent time behind the
decks at Wish and the End Up in San Francisco. Travis has also been
heavily involved in the Southern California art scene where he works
professionally as an artist and designer. He recently collaborated with
Lucas Keizer on a production for Kolour Recordings titled FWD which
will be out later this summer. TRVST is looking forward to continuing
on his musical and artistic journey with the Rizo family.


07-23-2010, 11:59 PM
We are about at the one month mark and we are very excited for this one... we are working diligently at The house of Rizo building an incredible stage, giant flowers, psychedelic mushrooms, experimenting with different lighting and projectors to bring you guys 2 immersive environments!!

Bud Luster
07-24-2010, 11:39 AM
The RIZO Presents: Summer of BASS Arts & Music Festival

The Summer of Love is upon us

The Luster finds it odd that The Rizo thinks this is summer of love. Reid and RAW (we commissioned him to play a true dub/reggae set in SD a few years ago and it was fucking NICE) are cool folks and great DJs though.

07-24-2010, 02:36 PM
Its summer and The Rizo feels the love. We love RAW (AKA 6blocc) and we love Reid!!!

07-31-2010, 01:18 PM
woot woot!!

Devin the Dude
08-02-2010, 03:20 PM
This shit is getting kind of embarrassing.

08-23-2010, 07:22 PM
Gonna be an epic show don't miss out!!

08-23-2010, 08:04 PM
Please stop referring yourself in the third person.

08-23-2010, 10:20 PM
The Rizo is not a single person its a group of people. :)