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04-20-2010, 11:17 AM
A very strange year for a festival that I love with all my heart. Musically astounding, but surprisingly disappointing on other levels. Goldenvoice, if you're reading this, here are my final thoughts:


The lineup was pretty great, much stronger overall than 2009. I was continually impressed with the amount of talent playing in the Outdoor Theater and the tents every day. You did a great job balancing the rather polarizing headliners with talented new and old acts (catching Grizzly Bear, Fever Ray and Devo all in the Mojave is pretty special.) And well done on grabbing Atoms for Peace!

The new water filling stations worked nicely. Much faster than last year and well worth the $12 bottle.

Adding screens and enhanced amplification to the Outdoor Theater was a smart move, made evident by the large crowds it drew
The camping entrance to the festival grounds moved so much faster than last year. Whatever you guys did, well done.


It's been said by many, but the festival was horribly crowded. When you get too many people in a venue, the atmosphere eventually becomes sour. The crowds I encountered were more hostile than in previous years.

There should have been another water filling station around the Sahara or the Mojave. Having only two (both located near the Main Stage) seems like oversight.

PLEASE find a way to better control the amount of people staying in the campgrounds. The camping was a total zoo this year and not in a positive way. I appreciated some of the added extras, but the enormous number of people made things like the showers fail horribly.

The dance tent in the campgrounds has always been a nice addition, but how about moving it away from the sleeping area next year? I'm totally fine with the usual loud, rowdy camping environment, but even so, some people don't want to be kept awake by thumping house music at 2 in the morning.

Finally, I understand that it's not always possible to bring in someone like Roger Waters or Paul McCartney every year, but if you're going with rather uncertain headliners like Muse or Gorillaz, at least have something going on the other stages as an alternative option. Saturday night was great with The Dead Weahter, Devo, and 2ManyDJs going late into the night, but Sunday's shocking absence of late acts other than Gorillaz really convinced people that they were going to witness something astounding and...well, you're probably well aware of Gorillaz's less than lukewarm reception. Again, it's great to branch out, but at least have a back-up option when an unconventional choice like Gorillaz doesn't pan out.

I only bring these points up because I love this festival and think it's important to recognize how it could be improved.

04-20-2010, 11:56 AM
Ummm wtf? camping smooth? you showed up late then my friend, i got there at 9. and waited and waited. sure once it opened it was pretty fast, but that was because the "searches" were completely half assed. won't spam you thread with my wall of text in the "Lets talk about how wrong" thread, but it was bad.