View Full Version : Traffic-ELLA cluster f*ck

04-20-2010, 07:18 AM

half the crowd missed the whole fucking first day because theyre stuck in traffic on 52nd, all damn day. you would think they'd prepare for the traffic influx with an extra 15000 tickets and no one day passes....but no, they're fucking retarded. and this was all to get through security, which was pointless. theyre looking for drugs in every car. try finding 100 needles in 75000 haystacks. its not gonna happen. People are going to sneak shit in and there is nothing they can do about it. so why even bother. they checked our fucking engine for god sakes, like we were hiding shit in the fucking motor!!! Are you kidding me, were not crossing the fucking mexican border with 50 kilos, so chill the fuck out and let the damn cars into the fucking festival so we can go see the music we came for, instead of sitting on 52nd all fucking day

They need to stop worrying about the profit margins and start worrying about the type of atmosphere they're creating

unless they fix some major problems, i will never attend coachella again. thankfully there are many, MANY other awesome festivals to go to. so we dont have to put up with this BULLSHIT again.