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04-07-2010, 10:33 PM
Hello all,

This is mainly aimed at those familiar with some web programming and messing around with paypal stuff (preferably their IPN stuff)....anyway, no this is not related to my coachellarecordings.com site, but instead another site that has been in the works (and you will know more about later on)...anyway, we have ran into a problem regarding a "pay what you want" system with Paypal (you know that thing Radiohead made famous a few years ago with their release of In Rainbows?).

Obviously this is a little more advanced than throwing up a "Buy Now" button. We want to sell a download which can be bought at whatever price ($0 - $5 or whatever, get it?)...and once you enter your amount, you get taken to paypal blah blah, then eventually you get emailed and sent a special link to download the item you have just bought (or decided not to buy). Obviously buying a digital download with paypal involves their IPN or whatever they call it, but on top of that, we need the pay what you want thing implemented as well...and I don't have the skills sadly to tackle such a thing on my own, which is why I'm asking if there is anyone out there who may have those skills, and would so happily want to help us out. Whether it's PHP or ASP, ColdFusion, whatever you know, it doesn't matter...we can work with whatever regarding this, but someone with the knowledge of knowing how to do this (and perhaps has done this before) would greatly be appreciated. So if you, or someone you know can help, just reply here or contact me via PM and I can share more details and get things worked out. Thanks.

04-07-2010, 11:00 PM
i believe paypal provides you with a shopping cart option for you to implement on your site if you sign up for a certain plan.