View Full Version : Bay Area people in need of Camping Pass

03-30-2010, 08:24 PM
I have an idea that involves trust (gasp!):
I am in need of a camping space,
you are in need of a camping space,
camping spaces are going for 500+ on eBay,
if we get a list of people 10-12 who need a camping pass and pool our resources we can purchase a camping pass off ebay or here for around 75-80 dollars a person and camp together, drive down together etc...
We need to do this ASAP before they're gone off ebay and/or get too expensive.
I know this involves trusting each other but isn't it worth it?
Let me know if you're interested (if you're going to flake don't bother because then it won't work)
(I also posted a thing on sfbay craigslist)

Thanks for listening :D