View Full Version : 2 People Need Somewhere to Camp! Please!

03-29-2010, 12:50 PM
Hello, so this is me and my friend Heather's first year at Coachella anddd we totally screwed up and didn't get a camping spot but we're not super high maintenance and don't want to stay at a hotel, we want the full experience!

Right now we're looking at sleeping in my car somewhere but it's not exactly the best plan... so If you have space for two people we would really really appreciate it! We'd be willing to pay something (please don't rip us off) we could bring food, booze..? I'm a professional graphic designer and if you'd want I'm willing to give free design work in exchange! I'll even make you guys special shirts for the best coachella campers ever :)

A little about ourselves.. We're both 19 in college and work full-time. She's a waitress and I'm a graphic designer. I'm really looking forward to seeing them crooked vultures, grizzly bear, deerhunter, local natives, yeasayer... and a whole lot more!

So please please please send me and email if you have space we'll follow whatever rules you set, we drink but nothing crazy and will be completely respectful! We really don't want to miss Coachella (or have to sleep in the car boo!)

We screwed up! Help us?

03-29-2010, 01:36 PM
Hey guys,

That may be a possibility.

Got any pics so I can see who we're dealing with?