View Full Version : Travelling Canadian needs camping spot?

03-23-2010, 04:49 PM

As a result of extreme procastination I've waited too long to purchase my wristband and camping pass. Now all thats available and ordered has been my wristband.

Here's my story: I'm flashpacking from San Fran down the coast to san diego.(April 5th - 15th) After that I'm renting a car from LA and heading over to Indio. I am willing to pick anyone up from LAX or in LA for that matter for a chance to park and camp with you at the festival.

Can anybody help me out with a spot to either just camp or both park and camp?
I will also pay for the camping spot if anyone wants to work something out that way.

Ughh I feel like the biggest slacker for taking my sweet *&% time to order my pass and hope that this will all work out.

Help? Reply or PM