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Oni Ahyun

is Olof Dreijer

Live at Donau '09 (http://fairtilizer.com/tracks/73614/download)



This is the debut of Oni Ayhun. It is the first release in an unpredictable and never ending 12″ series on the self-titled label Oni Ayhun Records. OA’s music is (about) drama. OA makes records that combines disturbed dance music on the border to insanity with free dreamy drone stories without a beat. Like a surrealistic musical with a narrative based on associations, abstractions and confusions, the music is a journey through different settings and scenes. Each record features a handmade engraving, unique for each release.
OAR001-A, is an attempt to tame cheesy fusion-jazz into a new free fusion between sharp electronics and organic textures, elastic funk and rubber set in an odd shady environment. Is it a big animal playing its nose, a beast, or is it the myth about the ant-eater trying to play its tail?
OAR001-B, is it the bees humming about their life by the concrete factory? Or is it about the people living under acid rain singin their story? Or is it just diary notes from OA’s everyday life..?


“Once upon a time long long time ago there was a mystical city called Tar.. And at that time all the cities were intact and flourishing, there were no ruins, because the final war had not yet begun. When the great catastrophe occurred, all the cities crumbled.. except Tar.. Tar still exists. If you know where to look for it you will find it. And when you get there you will be presented with wine and water and you could play with a gramophone. When you get there, you will help harvest grapes and you will pick up scorpions hidden under white rocks. When you get there, you will know eternity. You’ll see a bird that drinks one drop of water from the ocean every hundred years. When you get there, you’ll understand life. You’ll become a cat, phoenix, swan, elephant, baby and an old man. You’ll be alone and accompanied. You’ll love and be loved, you’ll be everywhere, and yours will be the seal of seals. As you approach the future, you’ll find ecstasy, and it will never abandon you.” (From Alexander Jodorowky’s “Fando y Lis", 1968).
OAR002, the second release from Oni Ayhun is a 22:44 min long story, split on two sides.


Discover steep, rugged canyons, painted rock minarets, desert vistas framed by blooming wildflowers, soaring raptors and singing canyon wrens on the wildest remaining rivers. Join this amazing journey composed of quiet floating as well as exciting whitewater rapids. Search for birds including both the zone-tailed and gray hawk, elegant trogon, elf and whiskered screech owls, and eight species of hummingbird. Enjoy dazzling flower displays, and observe an astounding concentration of nesting raptors. Drink in spectacular canyon vistas. Watch elk, deer, bighorn sheep-and ranchers at work-in this rugged habitat. Enjoy the relaxed pace of a free-flowing river with few rapids, stunning scenery, interesting geology and rich natural history. Search for grizzly bear, wolf, awe-inspiring herds of migrating caribou, and arctic birds in full breeding plumage that travel thousands of miles to nest here. Through the foothills and across the coastal plain. Cruise the wild islands and coastlines. From Humboldt penguins to hundreds of macaws and parrots gathering daily at the world’s largest-known clay lick in the Amazon, you will encounter a plethora of bird species each day. Witness seabirds, walrus, sea otter, Arctic fox and bear-and ceremoniously cross the Arctic Circle. Impressive landscapes-from pristine coves and beaches to expansive tundra and soaring mountains-serve as photogenic backdrops to this remarkable adventure.

A new record was supposed to come out in January.


2011.01.14 Netwerk, Aalst, Belgium

2011.02.19 Cosmic City, Helsinki, Finland

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This was on RA's top tracks of '09. I forget what it sounds like though. That is all.

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That's a trippy track, man. Not sure what to make of it to be honest. Some parts I really like and others a bit too ambient for my tastes. Good though.

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I love it. I have all the albums on vinyl and they are bizarre and ambient indeed. I just made the thread so Gribble would stop talking about DJ Coolof in the fever ray thread

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I hope you're happy. You better listen to some of this music and make comments..


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Are those new?

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Dammit forza, my heart skipped when you bumped this thread. For a few youtube videos?

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there are rumblings of good news... those are not "new" per se

OAR004 was released a few months ago... here's that:



This music works by releasing carbon dioxide gas into a batter through an acid-base reaction, causing bubbles in the wet mixture to expand and thus leavening the mixture. It is used where the batter lacks the elastic structure to hold gas bubbles for more than a few minutes. Because carbon dioxide is released at a faster rate through the acid-base reaction than through fermentation, music made by chemical leavening is called ‘quick compositions’. The tracks are made up of an alkaline component, one or more acid salts, and an inert starch (cornstarch in most cases, though potato starch is also used). Sequenced feedback is the source of the carbon dioxide, and the acid-base reaction is more accurately described as an acid-activated decomposition, which can be generically represented as;
NaHCO3 + H+ → Na+ + CO2 + H2O.

Acid in music can be either fast-acting or slow-acting. A fast-acting acid reacts in a wet mixture with baking soda at room temperature, and a slow-acting acid will not react until heated in an oven. This music, that contains both fast- and slow-acting acids is double acting. By providing a second rise in the oven, double-acting music increase the reliability of baked goods by rendering the time elapsed between mixing and baking less critical. Common low-temperature acid salts include cream of tartar and monocalcium phosphate. High-temperature acid salts include sodium aluminum sulfate, sodium aluminum phosphate, and sodium acid pyrophosphate. This includes both..

its gonna be a freaking wild live show. he teamed up with visual artist LEC for this:




there are a few good remixes of OAR004 floating around. I can post some if you can't find em. I know one is at http://www.oniayhun.com right there on the front page

edit: i must say i like OAR004-B way more than A.. it uses a lot of the recordings that he made in the jungles of south america.. way more relaxed than side A.

Also here's a remix he did of a Jason Fine track:


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These tracks finally connected with me. Don't know why it didn't happen instantaneously. Side A of 004 is pretty fucking wacky. This raises anticipation and expectations for a new Knife album even higher.

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I like this a lot. Musique concrète meets synth house.

Golden Voice, this would be a fun show. Maybe closing down the Mojave and have his buddy LEC come and put on wild stage show.

Two tracks

Under Western Eyes (http://official.fm/tracks/184531)

Nablus (http://official.fm/track/184535)

01-16-2011, 08:15 AM
I mean seriously:

Live audio from Berlin

more from Audioriver '10

His finale at Unsound..wow

01-16-2011, 02:25 PM
Wow, just bought that OAR003-B track a couple days ago from beatport (heard from the Four Tet EM), completely disregarded the connection. Thanks for shedding the light.

01-16-2011, 02:30 PM
Detroit please.

01-16-2011, 04:09 PM
Detroit please.

I'd be surprised if he doesn't make it to either Demf, Mutek or dB.

01-16-2011, 04:13 PM
One of these years, I'm going to make it to all three of those.