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01-25-2010, 11:07 AM
Hey Coachella Attendees, help each other out...sometimes a band great on album isn't worth checking out live (Vampire Weekend) sometimes a mediocre album band is a great experience. Rate those acts you've already caught live for those trying to decide who to see.

My very short list.

LCD Soundsystem - Not super energetic, but their lock step rhythms are quite hypnotic, and some of their work, particular early single "Yeah" can build to amazing crescendos. Also Murphy is a very winning presence live...funny in a self-deprecating, natural way and totally blisses out when he starts pounding those cowbells. Throw in that this is one of the best album artists of the last decade who are probably calling it a day after tour for new album and this is a must see.

Grizzly Bear - Like the National, their material often transforms from intimate to Epic sounding live, with a big psychadelic feel. A bit like Radiohead in that they sound fabulous, but music is so intricate, there's little room for improvisation or spontaneity. I think their latest Veckitamest was best album of 2009, so the material will definitely be strong...but don't expect a cathartic live experience...just great sounding, highly original songs.

Vampire Weekend - Loved their debut, but their 2007 appearance at Coachella was a real snooze. They wanted to please, but other than delivering their songs faithfully...these guys have really limited live chops.
They've probably improved in that department after two years of solid touring, but in final assessment, not enough for me to feel good about recommending...buy their albums, but Skip this set.

01-25-2010, 11:53 AM
The good of the bands on the line up i have seen are:

Faith No More
The Gossip
The Dead Weather
Edward Sharpe & the Magnetic Zeros
Camera Obscura

The OK are:
Vampire Weekend
Hot Chip
Ra Ra Riot
Tokyo Police Club

The downright awful:
Grizzly Bear

That is all I have seen of this lineup. ANd of course this is only my opinion, however it is the right opinion.

v action
01-25-2010, 12:38 PM
From the ones I've seen.

Mute Math - Seen them twice. Haven't ever disappointed, super energetic -the drummer crowd surfed on top of his bass drum the last time I saw them.
Muse - Awesome both times I've seen them. Going again in April at Key Arena before Coachella.

deadmau5 - fun show, didn't really kick it up until the last 20 minutes or so, though.
Hockey - really really fun band. The singer has this incredible voice that works with their many different sounds. They played some new stuff they worked on in 2 days between their tour and even that was a blast albeit unpolished.
LCD Soundsystem - Saw them before Daft Punk at Lolla in 07 so didn't catch the whole set, but it was definitely a fun dance party.
Passion Pit - Dancy music the crowd can really get into. They're def having fun on stage.
Phoenix - Cool light show and well executed music. Fun to dance to of course.

As Tall as Lions - Kinda boring live
Mew - I love these guys but maybe it was just my mood/exhaustion at the time. Very cool light show but the show got boring at points. I feel like with the right time slot they can be good.
Spoon - Pretty forgettable.

MGMT - were just drugged out of their minds bleh

Coheed and Cambria - yuck.

Raptor Clinton
01-25-2010, 12:53 PM
I saw Muse live once. It's a fantastic show if you don't find their music obnoxious, which I do, but didn't at the time.

01-25-2010, 12:57 PM
I saw Muse live once. It's a fantastic show if you don't find their music obnoxious, which I do, but didn't at the time.

I have a feeling that is how i will feel about Muse.

Raptor Clinton
01-25-2010, 01:04 PM
I have a feeling that is how i will feel about Muse.

Then you probably will.

Raptor Clinton
01-25-2010, 01:08 PM
Also, saw Lucero at Fuck Yeah! Fest. Live the singer's voice is much less grating, but it is just very Bruce Springsteen-esque arena rock, I guess.

01-25-2010, 01:20 PM
Saw Muse at ACC in 04 and they killed it. Nuff said.

Also Flying Lotus is always a good time.

Drinkey McDrinkerstein
01-25-2010, 01:21 PM
Also, saw Lucero at Fuck Yeah! Fest. Live the singer's voice is much less grating, but it is just very Bruce Springsteen-esque arena rock, I guess.

That's definitely the new material shining through. I was on the rail at that set, and whiule very good, it was a bit disappointing. I had seen them in May at the Troubadour and they played almost all of Tennesee, my favorite record of theirs, and it sounded amazing. Ben Nichols solo the November previous on the Revival tour at knitting Factory was almost even better - gritty and whisky soaked.

i think the FYF gig was definitely them trying out the new album and showing off to people that may never have heard thm and would more likely be listening to the new stuff.

hopefully the Coachella set will be more career spanning, but at 40-50 minutes it's unlikely

01-25-2010, 01:48 PM
Muse: Saw them in 2004 and they put on a great show. Great musicians that kept a good relationship with the crowd through out the show.

Jonsi: Admittedly I haven't seen Jonsi's solo stuff yet, but I have seen Sigur Ros and if their singer's performance is even 1/10 of a Sigur Ros show it will be one of the highlights of this year's Coachella for me.

Dillinger Escape Plan: I've seen these boys many times and it's safe to say they have an incredibly entertaining live presence. Last time I saw then Their singer was climbing the rafters and hanging upsidedown while the guitarists were jumping off their amps trying to knock him down, etc. They really get into their music and give it their all when they are up there. Even if you don't like the music all that much I highly suggest at least checking out their set for a little bit.

01-25-2010, 01:59 PM
I approve of this thread!


Fever Ray - Best show of 2009 and possibly best show ever! Unlike anything I have ever experienced. Very hard to describe the feeling that the show gave me. It was kind of like going back in time and dancing around a tribal fire while a strange phenomena on earth was occurring???? I will definitely be there, and this time with an enhancement for the visual and audio time traveler. :)


The Dead Weather- Surprisingly, this set was my favorite at street scene. If you haven't seen Jack White or even The Dead Weather, I highly recommend. There is a cast of outstanding showmanship in this band. For some reason I really dig their style, so sleek and sophisticated. They own the stage and give the audience pure rock energy.

Deerhunter - Another surprising set at Street Scene. I had never really heard them before, and although I don't really listen to their studio stuff as of now, I highly recommend their live show. The band Really sets a mood that the whole audience can agree with. The music comes out beautifully in a live setting.

Dirty Projectors - Love Bitte Orca and absolutely loved their show at the Casbah. Very unique and technical sound that makes you really appreciate this band. They don't always sound perfect but thats whats cool about them. They use their polymorphic talents and blend them uniformly seamlessly.

Hot Chip - I was skeptical about how these guys from the UK would translate live. They definitely had some incredible moments at Treasure Island where they got the whole crowd bouncing. Their breakdowns live are really fun and the slower songs actually do sound good.

Grizzly Bear - I dunno if it was the setting and weather at Treasure Island or what but this band won me! I was so calm and relaxed during this set. Their melodies and harmonies really took me away.


Bassnectar - Definitely knows how to throw it down. I have seen Lorin three times, and have gotten DOWN three times. If you can stay still during Bassnectar than I applaud you. The glitch and bass gets to my brain and heart and thats a good thing. The visuals are ok but with the pure power of wattage it isn't really necessary.

Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros - Kinda have to admit it but I pretty much became a fanboy for this band this last year. Saw them opening for Gogol and then 5 more times! So much love and good clean fun here! For a intimate venue I would put them in the excellent category, but for a festival they really couldn't get everyone involved. I really hope and think they will prove me wrong this time around!

I will probably miss, but doesn't mean you shouldn't

Matt & Kim - Ok this set was kind of fun but it just ins't my cup of tea. This band seems like they would appeal more to the younger crowd, I dunno I just have that vibe for them. They were pretty comedic on stage I will give them that.

Pretty Lights - Really like Derrick's attitude and sound but his live show just left me straight up disappointed. I dunno why but I was expecting a lot more from the show at The Belly Up. It got a little receptive for me, but still I danced my ass off.

MGMT - Treasure Island headliners was a bad decision by Another Planet. Didn't translate good live and actually kind of boring. I love Oracular Spectacular even with all the lame popularity. But the live show just left me in the dust and the end of the Festival. Good thing I had the Dan Deacon Ensemble after party because that shit changed my view completely about live shows.