View Full Version : To All Those Who Insist on Bitching

01-20-2010, 02:57 PM
To all you people who, year after year, insist on complaining about the line up. You, who think your disdain for any group or DJ who is well known or popular makes you somehow better than the rest:


In summary, If you dont like it, dont go. But STFU.

I for one am stoked for this amazing lineup. Cant wait to see Tiesto again (07 was amazing). Muse is epic. Gorillaz sounds like it will be cool.

01-20-2010, 02:58 PM
This would be an appropriate answer to one of the needless bitching threads. Be that as it may... It's only going to invite more bitching, rather than prevent it.

01-20-2010, 03:03 PM
Yeah, this thread'll really show 'em. :nono

01-20-2010, 04:04 PM
Well said.

01-20-2010, 04:05 PM
Couldn't have said it better myself...

Neighborhood Creep
01-20-2010, 04:06 PM
and your bitching is any better?

01-20-2010, 04:14 PM
Nice name.

Dr. Lufs-al-ot
01-20-2010, 04:16 PM
oh are we posting old memes?

I have plenty saved away from the years past!

01-20-2010, 04:34 PM
There's bitching, and there's discussion.

Nothing wrong with discussing why you think Y is a bad choice for X day, or Z stage, or even the festival altogether. People have to vent their frustration somewhere, and nobody in the real world gives a rat's ass, so this is the place to do it.

The best thing is to get it out of your system, then enjoy the festival. I'm already over the Jay-Z choice, because those are the options... get over it and have fun, or be disgruntled for months. No thanks to that!

donkey sex
01-20-2010, 04:48 PM
Was on the thread of the link below earlier making up my own shit to em ("fucking dirty hippy", "Get comfortable, Jayz is on next", "Grandma might be dead, but at least we got the beers and mustard") and thought about how the animals really get exploited online with the booming "funny image" popularity. It's almost like they should be compensated. I guess that's what they get for letting their masters or strangers photograph them.