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10-20-2009, 10:39 PM
Did anyone see tonight's Frontline on PBS? The program traced the origins of our recent financial crisis to the deregulation of markets and our government's unwillingness to regulate the secretive derivatives market in the 90s and beyond (not new news, I know.) That is everyone in our government except this woman whom I'd never heard of before, Brooksley Born, former head of the Commodity Futures Trading Commission. During the Clinton Administration she stood up against Alan Greenspan, Larry Summers, Robert Rubin and every major Wall Street bank to strongly and unequivocally call for the regulations of the secretive derivatives market. Greenspan, Summers, Rubin and others absolutely slaughtered her and all of her attempts to regulate this market were halted. According to the program, the first time Greenspan met Born he told her that they would not agree on much because he doesn't believe in regulating any acts of fraud. I felt like hurling a vase at the tv.

'Bless Brooksley Born. She went toe-to-toe with a lion's den of financial titans and refused to relent, because she knew what she was doing was right. This brilliant, courageous woman should be our damn Treasury Secretary. I hope Greenspan cries himself to sleep every night.

It reairs on most PBS stations later this week and may be seen online here:

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I'm too busy posting youtubes and lurking in the Lily Allen's ass thread.

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Lily Allen's ass

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Wheres the beef?
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Pics of Lily Allen's ass not found.

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