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Konvict Muzik Artist Dolla Gunned Down In Los Angeles

Posted on May 18, 2009

Los Angeles police said a man was fatally shot at the Beverly Center mall in Los Angeles Monday afternoon (May 18), and word is the slain man is Konvict Muzik's young artist Dolla.

Details regarding the shooting are still sketchy, but according to the LA Times, a shooting occurred shortly after 3 p.m. at the entrance of the popular Beverly Center shopping mall in Los Angeles Friday afternoon, following an altercation between a group of men.

LAPD officers were called to the scene where witnesses say they saw a scuffle between a group of men take place, possibly involving a knife.

Shortly after, shots rang out in the valet waiting area of the mall. An employee of the Chipotle restaurant, near the exit, told his store manager that he saw the end of the altercation.

"He saw a lady ... shooting a handgun," the restaurant's general manager, Elsa Hernandez, said.

"The customers were yelling 'close the store, close the store, because somebody is shooting,' " she continued.

Two suspects fled the scene. One is said to have fled in a silver Mercedes, and another in a Nissan Altima. Police sealed off the mall, immediately, and began their investigation.

As of press time, the LAPD had apprehended at least one of assailants at the LAX airport, trying to board a flight. The other may be still at large.

The victim is said to be 21-year-old Atlanta rapper Dolla, who is signed to Akon's Konvict Muzik label. The young rapper signed to the label in 2007, and later that year released his debut single "Who The F*** Is That?" featuring T-Pain, which created a buzz for the rising artist.

He has been working on his debut album, Dollar And a Dream, ever since.

At press time, Dolla's camp were unavailable for comment.

Already, the hip-hop community is reacting. Via Twitter, Yung Joc expressed his dismay after hearing the news. "R.I.P. to the homie Dolla ... so unfortunate. What's goin' on people?"

Compton rapper The Game also extended his condolenses, saying the news ruined his day: "R.I.P to the lil' homie Dolla from the ATL. I definitely gotta put one in the air now, and damn, I thought I was having a good day ... life."

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In b4 "it was Fitty" jokes.

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Dolla was twice as better than 50 Cent.

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Dolla was twice as better than 50 Cent.

That makes cents! Ha!

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I think Yung Joc speaks for all of us...

"R.I.P. to the homie Dolla ...

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That makes cents! Ha!


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Atlanta rapper Dolla slain in Beverly Hills


The Atlanta Journal-Constitution

Monday, May 18, 2009

Atlanta rapper Dolla was killed Monday afternoon outside a popular Beverly Hills mall, his publicist has confirmed.

Dolla, born Roderick Anthony Burton II, was gunned down while waiting in the valet area of the Beverly Center, said publicist Sue Vannasing. He was accompanied by another local rapper, D.J. Shabbazz, and a fellow Jive Recording artist, Scrapp DeLeon.

Rap artist Dolla, born Roderick Anthony Burton II, had a song, ‘Feelin’ Myself,’ featured on the ‘Step Up’ soundtrack.

Los Angeles Police spokeswoman Karen Rayner said two “persons of interest” — one male, one female — are being questioned but neither has been charged in connection with the shooting. They were detained before attempting to board a plane out of Los Angeles International Airport, about 10 miles away from the Beverly Center.

Vannasing said Dolla, 21, was involved in an altercation before the shooting with an unidentified man and woman who followed him to the mall. A witness at the Beverly Center said Burton was shot by a woman, according to an L.A Times report.

Dolla had just arrived in Los Angeles earlier Monday, his publicist said. He was recording his first album, “Another Day, Another Dolla.”

“He had a very promising career,” Vannasing said. “He was being hyped as the next Tupac [Shakur]. He chose music to get off the streets.”

Burton moved to Atlanta when he was 5 after his father shot himself in front of the rapper and his sister.

“He was the man of the house,” Vannasing said.

His mother, Joyce Burton, still resides in Atlanta, where Dolla’s funeral will be held, Vannasing said.

News of the shooting spread rapidly on Twitter where, ironically, the rapper had just opened an account earlier in the day.

According to his official MySpace page, Burton began performing in local showcases at age 12 with his group, Da Razkals Cru. He was signed to Elektra Records in 2001, his site says. The label eventually dissolved and the group split in 2003, when Dolla said he returned to Atlanta to focus on a solo career.

“I was disappointed but all that made me do was work harder,” he said. “It was a stepping stone.”

He soon signed with Jive, where, collaborating with former Elektra acquaintance, Akon, released his first single “Who The F—- Is That?” featuring T-Pain.

“My music is universal,” Dolla said on his Web site. “I can do street music or pop music. But whatever I do, I attempt to make meaningful songs with substance.”

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...his first single “Who The F—- Is That?” featuring T-Pain.