View Full Version : Friday Only - Anywhere along 10/210/134/101 freeways from Hollywood

04-17-2009, 06:10 AM
I'm headed out around 11 or noon today from the Hollywood/Pasadena area for Coachella, returning tonight after the show, and was looking for some people to ride out and back with. I can offer a ride or would like to take a seat in a carpool. If you need a ride, I can pick you up anywhere along the 134/210/10/101 freeways or meet you to carpool out at your place (or my apartment in Pasadena). Txt me at 805-798-3416 if you're interested. This is sort of last minute (I just got a ticket).


p.s. No drugs, pot, smoking or alcohol use in my car (though you can certainly bring them to the festival if you'd like)