View Full Version : Unlucky in Alberta - looking for 3 day passes.

02-14-2007, 10:20 PM
Looks like a few of my buds dropped the ball. It's going to be the 3rd year going down to Coachella but 2 out of 4 of us dropped the ball and didn't think the tickets would sell out as fast as they did.
Chris and I, we have ours. Ike and Jeff don't. To boot, Ike already bought his plane tickets.
What we're looking for: definately 2, maybe 4, 3-day passes (I have two more interested people).
We'd like to pay face value as it's already quite a bit to get down. We're flying this year... the drive down last year was awesome... but the drive up was terrible when you're all sun beaten and hung to the nines. We're opting for air this time. More pricey, but better for the way home.

If you have 3 day passes for close to face value, please let me know. Just a few of us Canadians who want to enjoy our annual Coachella trip with the whole gang ;)

Private msg me on here and we'll exchange contact info. Thanks!