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04-09-2009, 10:19 AM
Hi Guys, Al here, just wanting to wish you a great festival. Unfortunately my circumstances will not allow me to attend, am in the process of changing my work, hopefully for the better, but at the moment all is up in the air. The line up looks ace - Crystal Method will be fantastic, i totally recomend my new favourite band Friendly Fires. No Sean Penn though, disappointing! After returning from last years Coachella i sat down with a producer friend of mine called Greg who is exceptionally talented, and we started work on a new batch of tracks. One of which is now titled 'Paradise Regained' in ode to Milton's literary works of which it was inspired, this is the one where the devil tempts the son in the desert. Anyway the real concept of the piece is a reflection of my time spent hanging with you guys at the festival, the music was just an added bonus, to meet such a diverse an interesting gallery of characters was both an honour and a privilege. The project operates under the title; Maximus Oracle, go to our My Space and stream the track for free, hopefully will get you in the mood for the forthcoming festivities, and join up as our friend. Am going to miss taking what the Fax-man offers (love you man), screaming as loud as i can when care-cares counts to 4, taking the girls for a spin, riding the train with rico whilst being served by larry (what a guy!), attempting to capture the flag of the party all weekend wuss group, avoiding standing in peoples droppings in the shower, no sleep, amazing music, friendly LA cops and their sniffer horses, the lady angel, heidi - someone got to organise some things, rainie's crack and all the rest of you crazy kids. ENJOY. Much respect, aquarius.

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Paragraphs are your friend.

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Al !!! Good to hear from you, we were wondering what you've been up to. Sorry to hear you're not making it back to Coachella this year, but it sounds like you've been up to good things over the last year. ;)