View Full Version : parking an RV at the festival grounds (not camping)

02-12-2007, 04:45 PM
psychic friend - could you please answer a question about parking for RVs?

Last year, on both days we were told wrong locations to go for parking our RV. The place we usually would park the RV at, the road was blocked for us to go that way and the Indio police were guiding us another way. We ended up very far away, with the parking lot guys telling us they would let us into the lot even though they weren't supposed to, only to be told by someone else driving up in a cart after we parked, that RVs were not allowed to park there. I'm not sure what lot number this was, but it is the furthest one away in the far corner of the grounds and is all dirt and dead grass.

Anyways, besides it not being very convenient (being asked to move after we'd already parked), we had multiple people knocking on our door asking to use our restroom, which got old real quick.

We would really like to park where the RVs are supposed to park, but is there a time cut-off for getting to that lot? I'd say both days we arrived about 2-3pm.

thanks in advance for your help