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WOW Paul is dead! He really is i cant belive it! This just leaves ringo! I am speechless

just kidding

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Yeah dude, he's been dead for some time now. Haven't you looked at the cover of Sgt. Peppers?

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R Lee Emery killed the man, in cold blood

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speaking of dead, sucks about Lux Interior...

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Abe Lincoln
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From Wiki:

The most common tale is that on Wednesday, 9 November 1966 at 5 am, McCartney, while working on the Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band album, stormed out of a recording session after an argument with the other Beatles and rode off in his Aston Martin which he subsequently crashed into a lamp post, and died.[5]

The story was pieced together from the lyrics of multiple Beatles songs. The most common narrative includes the following pieces of evidence:

1. "He didn't notice that the lights had changed" ("A Day in the Life").
2. He then crashed into a lamp-post (a car crash sound is heard in "Revolution 9" and "A Day in the Life").
3. He was pronounced dead on a "Wednesday morning at 5 o'clock as the day begins" ("She's Leaving Home")
4. Nobody found this out because the news was withheld: "Wednesday morning papers didn't come" ("Lady Madonna").
5. A funeral procession was held days later, as was supposedly implied on the Abbey Road album cover by the Beatles' clothing. (John Lennon dressed all in white, like a clergyman. Ringo Starr wore a black suit as an undertaker would. Paul McCartney wore a suit without shoes, a common custom for corpses being buried, and walked out of step with the other Beatles. George Harrison's denim outfit resembled that of a gravedigger.)
6. Adding fuel to the legend is the ending of "Strawberry Fields Forever". Some believed John said "I buried Paul" in a slow deep voice over the final refrain. He later denied that, stating that he had said "cranberry sauce".

According to believers, McCartney was replaced with the winner of a McCartney look-alike contest. The name of this look-alike has been recorded as William Shears Campbell, Billy Shears (the name of the fictitious leader of Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band), William Sheppard (based on the alleged inspiration for the song "The Continuing Story of Bungalow Bill"), or some combination of the names.[9]
McCartney during the filming of the "Rain" video, showing the chipped tooth and scar from the moped crash at the end of the previous year

There is no evidence of any crash in which McCartney was involved, although during the first week of January 1967, McCartney's custom-made Mini Cooper was wrecked by a friend on the M1 Motorway outside London. McCartney was involved in a moped crash on December 26, 1965, which resulted in a chipped tooth and the scar on his lip that can be seen on promotional videos for the "Paperback Writer"/"Rain" single, made shortly after the crash, in May 1966.[9] According to McCartney, his desire to hide the scar on his lip was the impetus to grow a moustache.