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The Stoned Ranger
01-31-2009, 03:26 AM
Everyone who hates on the lineup every year only does because they live sad miserable lives where they complain about everything on the internet to make there self esteem go up. Everyone said it about last years lineup 2008 and slaughtered 2007. People who go soley for headliners are fucking stupid. Thievery Corp, Tv on The Radio, Dr. Dog, Liars, Band of Horses, Fleet Foxes, Atmosphere, and Blitzen Trapper in one day? Amazing. If I were a hipster fucking doofus I would be talkin shit cause the Killers are headlining just like last year when everyone talked shit about Jack Johnson. Weak headliner but thats why there are 4 other stages. Black Lips last year was epic. The Black Keys, fucking Morrissey, Beirut, The Crystal Method, M. Ward, Leonard Cohen, Peanut Butter Wolf, and when the fuck did everyone start hating on Paul McCartney. Does anyone listen to real music anymore? He's a fucking Beatle. Boo hoo he's not Lennon or Harrison but he's still a fucking Beatle. Be grateful. You in grateful cunts are so cynical. I feel sorry for you. BJM, MBV, No Age and The Cure is gonna be my leisure day. The beauty of a festival is finding bands you've never seen. Thats why I don't care if I see Radiohead or Daft Punk. Already have and want to see something new. Don't go see Lupe Fiasco. He sucked ass at Outside Lands. And FUCK ALL YOU HATERS!

(Still hopin they will add a headliner over the Killers but really don't give a fuck if they don't, Thievery Corp on the Outdoor would be more than adequate.

01-31-2009, 03:45 AM
werent you the one that said daft punk was going to play saturday well shut the fuck up and get the hell out of here

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01-31-2009, 03:55 AM
fucking scenester