View Full Version : sooooooo.

01-30-2009, 02:16 AM
This was pretty much the lineup I was expecting. Some great acts will be at Coachella and some not so great acts too. My little gripe is why not have Mc Cartney close the fest off. And the Cure as your closers really? And the Killers???? But that's why there's always add ons. I must say thoe I was expecting Radiohead or APC.... but my biggest let down is why no Muse? I feel like they should certinately have Saturdays spot. Either way can complaint too much. Ima just have to get over it and enjoy what GV has given us. Even thoe 2 of those acts have already been given at Kroq Almost Acoustic. But oh well. I don't organize the concerts they do. This was the 10 yr anniversary and it was Coachellas chance to make a statement and they really didn't capotalize on this Golden Oppt.