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Taken from facebook:

This February 15th be sure to dedicate yourself to pointing out all the innuendo you possibly can. If your friends don't know what you're doing be sure to make it clear within the first 20 minutes of converstation that "that's what she said." Get creative, even leave yourself open for other people who may think that that's what she said. Here is a list of times and places where it would be most appropriate to spring your best "that's what she said" cracks:
-The Workplace, to customers and clients whenever possible. For example:
Customer: "Is this the only color it comes in?"
Salesman: "That's what she said."

-The mall, preferably by interjecting into a strangers conversation. For example:
Girl talking to best friend: "Have you ever had a toblerone chocolate bar?"
Girl's Best Friend: "Yes, it was the best I've ever had."
You (Loudly and from behind): "That's what she said!"

-When someone has just had a head injury:
You (concerned): "Wow Jim, that looked like it hurt."
Amnesiac (who used to know he was your co-worker): "Say my name again."
You (smiling and walking off) "That's what she said."

-Your local cinema; movies are packed with times to loudly blurt out this zippy one-liner. For example:
James Bond: "Shaken, not stirred."
You (Yelling and standing up): "That's what she said."

-The open airwaves. If you happen to be a radio DJ pay attention, most modern song lyrics leave ample opportunity for you to relate what she said mid-song.
For example:
Evanescene (singing): "You never call me when you're sober"
Radio DJ (interupting):"That's what she said."

-Combat situations: For our men in women in places of turmoil nothing is a better stress reliever than a good joke. For example:
Platoon Commander: "Johnson, you and your squad take the left flank!"
Sgt Johnson: "That's what she said, sir."

-When meeting new members of the opposite sex
Woman: "Who are you and why are you staring at me like that?"
You: "That's what she said."

-The dinner table
Grandad: "Irwin, finish that up."
Irwin: "That's what she said."

-Public libraries
You: "Do you have anything on wankle rotary engines?"
Librarian: "Hmm, that's a hard one."
You: "That's what she said."

-While checking out at the cash register
Cashier: "Would you like any cash back?"
You (winking): "That's what she said."

-Checking out of hotels
Desk Clerk: "I hope you enjoyed your stay."
You (looking upward with a fond grin on your face): "Hmm, that's what she said."

-Classy restaurants.
Waiter: "Be careful, sir, it's quite hot."
You (making determined eye contact): "That's what she said."

-While Working at The Home Depot:
Unsuspecting Yuppie: "I'm here for some lumber."
Bored Sales Associate: "That's what she said."

-While shopping at The Home Depot:
Lot Attendant (while loading your manure): "Look out, this thing stinks."
You: "That's what she said."

Well, you must get the picture by now. It is also important to point out that this holiday was strategically planned for the day after Valentine's, making your job an easy one. So say it loud, say it proud and come February 15th say it both early and often. "That's what she said."

Still don't understand? Matt Denlinger made this video as a learning aid for you beginners out there:


In the international spirit of the event, here is how to say International "That's what she said" day in a variety of languages. Without further adieux; the Rosetta Stone of Innuendo:

Spanish: El "Eso es lo que ella dijo." dia internacional
(Vaya con Dios, Madison McLendon and Eve Loli)

German: International "Das ist was sie gesagt hat" Tag.
(Danke, Marlisse Gwinn, Sean Preston, Matt Pelletier, Matt McShane, and Derek Rollberg)

In French: "C'est ce qu'elle a dit"
(Thanks to Haley Stocking and Molly Bradley for translating this. I've also been informed by Otis Reid and Steph Mosley that this is a form of declaring surrender in France.)

Swahili: "Ile ni nini ambayo alisema
(Thank you, Chris Knapik and Joshua Stern, I really was not expecting this one.)

Russian:"Это то что она сказала" prounounced "ato to shto ona skazala"
(Courtesy of Comrades Holly Belle Welch, Scott Lipscomb, and Anna Pashkova)

Portuguese: "Isso foi o que ela disse"
(Obrigado, Rachel Fogg and Margarida S)

Arabic: Yawm duwiliyy li "haadhaa maadhaa qaalat"
(Andy Verboom sent me this, it should be useful for the troops.)

Italian: "Ci che lei ha detto"
(David Malinowski made me an offer I couldn't refuse)

Cantonese-hei hey gong
Mandarin-shi ta shuo
(Thanks to Pete Dang)

Latin: "illud est quid ea dixit."
(Courtesy of David Casper and Daniel Lagestee)

Japanese:"Kokusai "Kanojo mo sou yutta!" no hi
(domo arigato Kate walquist, Craig Kovatch, and Charles Campbell)

Polish: miedzy narodowy dzien "to co ona powiediala"
(Thanks, Kelly Jo Parker and John W)

Dutch: Dat is wat zij zei
(Danke, Roy Davies and Rick Kortsmit)

Romanian: "este ce a zis ea"
(Thanks to McKenna Easley)

Hebrew: ze ma sh'hee amra
(I was faclempft with joy when I got this from Rachel Landau, Riva L and Adi Singer)

Czech: to řekla ona
(From Ina Kim)

Irish:Sin cad a duirt sise
Irish Gaelic: is labhair si sin
(Thanks to Andrew Moore and Orla N Bhraoin)

Hungarian: azt mondta
(Courtesy of Eliza Hokanson and Barbara Veres)

Andrew Fanco Sent me these tidbits:
Morse Code: _ .... .- - .. ... .-- .... .- - ... .... . ... .- .. -..
Link to Semaphore: http://www.anbg.gov.au/fla
Esperanto: tio estas kio ŝi diris
(Now if only you could type brail)

Hip Hoponese: Daz Whut Ol' Girl Sad
(Jasmon Dixon, that is wack)

Tagalog(filipino language): yan ang sinabi niya.
(Thanks, Gretchen I.)

Macedonian: taja to reche
(From Ljubica Sarafov)

Ancient Greek: Οτος ό αυτή έλεξε. Pronounced "OO-tos ho au-teh E-le-xe"
(Thanks to Paul Morrill)

Farsi (national language of iran): une chi doghdar goft
(Thanks to Keyon Janani)

Korean: Geu nyuh ga mal hess ssuh
(From Vanessa Suh and Eileen Chon)

Pig Latin: "atsthay atwhay eshay aidsay"
(Omfray ryanBay acksonJay)

Urdu: Wo bhi yeahi kehti thi
(Emron Hyder Ghazalee is the first person to submit a language I've never even heard of before!)

Binary:0101010001101000011000010111010000100111011 10011001000000111011101101000011000010111010000100 00001110011011010000110010100100000011100110110000 1011010010110010000101110 (Johanna Benders is pretty L33t)

wolof (spoken in senegal):"jigeen bi ko mune"
(Emily Crawford sent me this one)

Icelandic (slenska): a er hva hn sagi ("thath air quath hoon sagthee")
(Courtesy of Maybe Michael Kaiser)

Cape Verdean: "kel la e kel fala"
(Props to Robin Wagner's roomie, Lucineida Fonseca)

Ukrainian:вона теж так казала (vona tej tak kazala)
(dosvidania, Tanya Sloan)

Swedish: Internationell dagen av "det r vad hon sagt"
(From Andrew Byrd, Anita Dilles, and Elizabeth Freeman)

Danish: "Det sagde hun ogs i gr"
(Courtesy of Sarah Van Vliet and Kristian Outinen)

Lingala: yango a lobaki
(Thanks to Erin Malone)

Canadian: That's what she said EH?
(Simple but brilliant, Art Rossatiand Shay Gibson)

Hindi: Woh bhi yehi boli

Sanskrit: tut appi ettatt vadami
(These both came from Suchit Malhotra)

Bengali: "shey thai bolsey"
(From Irene Mahmud and Soumya S. Sanyal)

Croatian: To je ona rekla
(Translated by Sara Francovich)

Punjabi: "Oh vi eh-hi kehdi si"
(Thanks to Rishi Singh Bagga)

San Fransisco: thats what he said.
(Ask Chad Rudolph about what he said)

Telugu: Adhi koda idhe chapindhi
(Suchit Malhotra)

Norwegian: "det er hva hun sa"
(Tony Andrus)

Thai: Sao bok chan nan duey
(From Michael Colon. Even I'm not horrible enough to make a joke about that name. Props to you for keeping it)

Tamil: "a-thaan avalum sonnah"
(Thanks to Vaishnavi Jayakumar)

Klingon: "vetlh 'oH nuq ghaH jatlh"
Romulan: " ujudhueiusmm'ukssdh 'hh aeek'h'i idhaeiiiaekssrai dhaihsaa"
(Wow, Ben Rhames Kaye-Skinner and Jon Ogilvie, just wow)

Uzbek: у шцнака деди
(Comrade Rich Parks)

Finnish: Kansainvlinen Pivst "Tuo oli mita han sanoi"
(Thanks, Rob Tatro, and Sanna Ronkainen)

Yoruba: " ikon to so ni yen "
(Where did Courtney North learn this? I don't know)

Hexadecimal: 54 68 61 74 27 73 20 77 68 61 74 20 73 68 65 20 73 61 69 64

Tanokan: tsi na kan o takano
(Both from Chris Foster)

Welsh: Dyna pa hi eb.
(Ben Phillips)

Greenlandic: Tassa taamak oqarpoq
(Thank you to Kristin Wood)

Elvish: "Tanya toi mani re quente."
(Zach Wilson's idea, not mine)

Tapori: "Woh bhi yehich boli"
(From Raheel Ahmad Khan Yusufzai)

Gujarati: "peelie kithdou"
(Thanks,Erica Slown and Pari Shelat)

Quenya: Ya n mana ery quent.
(Harris Moriarty)

Cambodian: "nuh kuu avei dael koat baan thaa"
(Patrick Gallagher)

Ewe: Sia nuteewɔla ka b!
(Thanks to Allison Harper Stillwell)

Sinhala: "Eykama thama ayath kiv-vay"
(Mahesh Fonseka)

Latvian: Tā viņa teica
(Izanda Svilans)

Luganda: Kyekyo kya 'gambye
(Jason McDermott)

Afrikaans: "Dis wat sy gese^ het..."
(Gert Oosthuizen)

Arabic (Iraqi dialect): Hee-ya Gha-let Hee-chee!
(Shaheen Georgee)

Marathi: "Thi paan thashi boli"
(Shrikant Tele)

Yiddish: Es iz vos zi hot gezogt.
(Charlotte Howell)

Kinyarwanda: "Ibyo nibyo yavuze,"
(James Cappon)

Bulgarian: Това е което тя каза. Pronounced:Tova e koeto tya kaza.
(Morgan Brand)

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That's what she said

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I hate Facebook.

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I love the joke but I couldn't read that whole thing.

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I love the joke but I couldn't read that whole thing.

I was wheeling down with my mouse for about 5 minutes ... just to type the same thing.

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oh believe me i didnt read the whole thing either. most of it is just translating "thats what she said" into different languages. but the gist of it is Feb 15 - try to use it as much as you can.

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please delete this thread

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try to use it as much as you can.

Thats what she said.

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Get creative, even leave yourself open for other people

that's what she said.

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please delete this thread

That's what she said.

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That's an awful lot of exposition for a pretty simple joke.

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That's an awful lot of exposition for a pretty simple joke.

That's what she said.

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Just found this thread through the Similar Thread bit, and by God, I want it to live again.

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That's what she said.

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This is already magical.

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This is already magical.

That's what she said.

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I want it to live again.

that's what she said. . .

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Sounds like a good day to me.

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San Fransisco: thats what he said.


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I am disappointed in you MP. Additionally, if you were to respond, please do not abbreviate my name in the same fashion.