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10-01-2008, 03:15 PM
for their tenth anniversary celebration google has decided to let you search their old index. this is how the internet was back in 2001.


I looked up coachella and i saw how their page was back in two thousand and one. myspace is a storage service, facebook is an incidental phrase in unrelated pages. this is seriously awesome internet nostalgia.

here's the old coachella page:


hope you enjoy this as much as i did. try googling your favorite band.

10-01-2008, 03:20 PM

it fucking looks like an atari game or something. hahahaha good job!!

10-01-2008, 03:21 PM
it blew my mind. you can't even find sarah palin by looking her up directly. you wouldn't think 10 years ago would be so different.

10-01-2008, 03:23 PM
it blew my mind. you can't even find sarah palin by looking her up directly. you wouldn't think 10 years ago would be so different.

7 years ago...but yeah, it's funny to look at some old sites back then.

seems like sites mainly used frames back then as well...too funny.

10-01-2008, 03:31 PM
true that, 7 years ago. oh the internet, some things never change.

rage patton
10-01-2008, 03:33 PM
Coachella was 65 bucks?!

10-01-2008, 03:33 PM

10-01-2008, 03:33 PM
based on the title of this thread I was very disappointed when I clicked in and saw what it was actually about.

10-01-2008, 03:34 PM
I just searched for "hamster dance" for the first time in 10 years.

Hopeless Semantic
10-01-2008, 03:34 PM
based on the title of this thread I was very disappointed when I clicked in and saw what it was actually about.

You weren't the only one...thought maybe, just maybe, Google could help me go back and wrong some of the rights I did back in the day...

10-01-2008, 03:35 PM
but then you'd end up in heroes season 3. not good.

10-01-2008, 03:41 PM
try googling your favorite band.

Uh... how old is this archive again?!?!


Hopeless Semantic
10-01-2008, 03:41 PM
but then you'd end up in heroes season 3. not good.

With how much money they're commanding, I don't think that would be all that bad. Now, if it were to come to fruition--then you do have a point.

10-01-2008, 03:44 PM
I just searched for "hamster dance" for the first time in 10 years.

what the fuck is this??!!

10-01-2008, 04:01 PM
oh god not hampster dance

10-01-2008, 04:09 PM
WOAH! the coachella message board:


10-01-2008, 04:11 PM
Man, we were probably using Lycos and Alta Vista and shit back then.

10-01-2008, 04:14 PM
I was using google back then.

10-01-2008, 04:20 PM
for their tenth anniversary celebration google has decided to let you search their old index. this is how the internet was back in 2001.


I looked up coachella and i saw how their page was back in two thousand and one. myspace is a storage service, facebook is an incidental phrase in unrelated pages. this is seriously awesome internet nostalgia.

here's the old coachella page:


hope you enjoy this as much as i did. try googling your favorite band.

how did you get from the google search results to the wayback pages? did you do that manually?

10-01-2008, 04:23 PM
Wikipedia (http://web.archive.org/web/20010517002121/www.wikipedia.com/)

Pitchfork (http://web.archive.org/web/20010418151106/www.pitchforkmedia.com/)

Craigslist (http://web.archive.org/web/20011217200208/www.craigslist.org/)

Apple (http://web.archive.org/web/20011217200937/www.apple.com/)

Napster (http://web.archive.org/web/20011217200449/www.napster.com/)

10-01-2008, 04:25 PM
Wikipedia (http://web.archive.org/web/20010517002121/www.wikipedia.com/)


10-01-2008, 04:28 PM

We've got over 6,000 pages already. We want to make over 100,000. So, let's get to work!

Beef Jerky
10-01-2008, 04:31 PM
Uh... how old is this archive again?!?!



10-01-2008, 04:31 PM
when you googled "porn" in 2001 there were 4,490,000 results. In 2008 there are 223,000,000. That's actually not that impressive.

10-01-2008, 04:34 PM
our children are going to be so spoiled.

i'll have to keep them in check by reminding them of when I was a youngin and only had 4 million porn sites to look at

10-01-2008, 04:35 PM
We've got over 6,000 pages already. We want to make over 100,000. So, let's get to work!

lol if I'd seen wikipeida in 2001 I would have just laughed. how absurd does it look?

when you googled "porn" in 2001 there were 4,490,000 results. In 2008 there are 223,000,000. That's actually not that impressive.

it's doubled 5 times in 7 years. that's NOT impressive?

psychic friend
10-01-2008, 04:36 PM

10-01-2008, 04:37 PM

10-01-2008, 04:38 PM
lol if I'd seen wikipeida in 2001 I would have just laughed. how absurd does it look?

holy shit, i remember that wikipedia....


rage patton
10-01-2008, 04:47 PM

New album news!
The band is to begin recording their new album "Songs for the Deaf" in July with Eric Valentine producing. Updates from the studio will be available on this site [posted 5/23/01 U.S.A.]

10-01-2008, 04:48 PM
someone invent me a real time machine dammit!

rage patton
10-01-2008, 04:52 PM
Oh WOW...


1,000 songs in your pocket
Presenting iPod. The first MP3 player to pack a mind-blowing 1,000 songs and a 10-hour battery into a stunning 6.5-ounce package you can literally take everywhere. But iPod isn’t just a revolution in portability, it’s also a revolution in simplicity. Just plug it into your Mac and all of your iTunes songs and playlists are automatically downloaded into iPod at blazing FireWire speed. With iPod, it’s that easy to take your entire music collection with you wherever you go, in the pocket of your choice.

10-01-2008, 04:54 PM
there goes another afternoon's work. damn you google!

10-01-2008, 04:56 PM
they had "lol cats" which is pretty funny ... i couldnt find my name although i didnt go to all the threads where now i always find my name .... pretty funny all in all ... x****

10-01-2008, 04:57 PM
the ipod page is fucking RIDICULOUS!


10-01-2008, 05:15 PM
for adult swim fans...

Adult Swim (http://web.archive.org/web/20020124182943/www.adultswim.com/)

adult swim launched sept 2001. see the original show schedule...plus it was only on 2 nights a week for 3 hours...

these are cool to look at...keep em comin!

10-01-2008, 06:48 PM
Movie Trailers from the films of 2001:


star wars episode 2 is listed!!

10-01-2008, 06:52 PM
Google 4 Lyfe

I was busy watching foreign & indie films/attending film festivals then and listening only to few British bands.

10-01-2008, 07:09 PM
the old board looks exactly the same topic-wise as the new one..

Who's confirmed?
Who's rumored?
What are the dates?
The Smiths?

10-01-2008, 07:19 PM

101 discussions have new messages. Coachella Valley Festival
The line-up looks pretty good...
Anonymous-3/11, 05:26 pm-Quite the witty response
Anonymous-3/11, 04:06 pm-retard.... i've already said
Anonymous-3/11, 03:00 pm-What kind of festival takes place at a
Anonymous-3/11, 02:42 pm-Hey retard, just drop it?! Nobody here
Anonymous-3/11, 12:47 pm-If coachella loses money.... one
dr_chewbacca-3/11, 12:47 pm-not to mention that the HFStival line
DV8-3/11, 12:15 pm-HFS is a radio show, the bands play for
Anonymous-3/11, 09:00 am-You can all forget about Morrissey
Anonymous-3/11, 07:29 am-Hey dumbass.... I'm CAN and AM
Anonymous-3/11, 07:13 am-Wow, alot of you people are pretty
Anonymous-3/11, 05:44 am-The HFStival is the Washington DC
Anonymous-3/10, 11:58 pm-total BS sales are the best ever for
Goldenvoice-3/10, 08:24 pm-I hear that a bunch of bands are
getyour$worth-3/10, 03:04 am-alot of you know your music, and im
dave-3/8, 08:12 pm-Well, I'm pretty impressed with the
Anonymous-3/8, 07:45 pm-I'm going to Coachella to see
Anonymous-3/8, 04:58 pm-I hear the 2 day tickets are selling
big man on campus-3/8, 03:29 pm-I'm telling you...stay Sunday night
horror head-3/8, 01:45 pm-i know that maybe this line up could
sollixxx-3/8, 11:17 am-The Pharcyde in Sunday's Line Up
scott-3/8, 08:09 am-you proved my point once again, thank
Anonymous-3/7, 10:45 pm-...still hoping Goldenvoice adds better
Matthew-3/7, 09:40 pm-CAN YOU SAY THE MARS VOLTA WILL BE
Anonymous-3/7, 04:47 pm-Ah shi* who are you to tell me I
scott-3/7, 03:30 pm-hey, I agree with garnet.....not
modgirly-3/7, 01:32 pm-Raverz are dumb!The rave scene now is a
whomod-3/7, 01:24 pm-modgirly. RIGHT ON! I agree 100 % with
whomod-3/7, 01:23 pm-to the guy asking about Morrissey.
garnet-3/7, 11:24 am-Allow me to express my own opinion on
Elizabeth-3/7, 10:02 am-To Modgirly: Just because someone
modgirly-3/7, 09:36 am-Instead of all you kidz bit**in
Anonymous-3/7, 09:26 am-To the guy who said nothing ever comes
Rickety-3/6, 03:36 pm-If Underworld was added to the bill my
Anonymous-3/6, 09:45 am-Greyboy "Greybreaks" isthe
Anonymous-3/6, 09:43 am-to the anonymous guy who has no idea
Anonymous-3/5, 09:34 pm-life is good, music is good, who cares,
Anonymous-3/5, 11:59 am-TO THE GUY ASKING ABOUT
Ladybug-3/5, 11:18 am-IS THERE ANY CHANCE THAT "THE
CINNAMON gRRL-3/4, 09:33 pm-my sentiments about this whole "is
Anonymous-3/4, 08:01 pm-I echo what the last poster said, keep
Are backpacks allowed THIS TIME?????
Anonymous-3/11, 03:38 pm-lame. crap like this is a great reason
Gia Powers-3/5, 07:47 am-I hope backpacks or slingpacks are
New lineup
chemicalhaus-3/10, 11:46 pm-*sigh* im not getting it, do
Anonymous-3/9, 02:50 pm-you kids are shmucks, all worried about
Anonymous-3/9, 01:25 pm-Drum and Bass fans are getting it in
Anonymous-3/9, 11:42 am-Everyon saying this is weak, you all
drained thoughts-3/8, 06:39 pm-yeah having no dnb besides kosheen is
Anonymous-3/8, 10:10 am-Then go to Audiotistic and don't
Anonymous-3/7, 05:02 pm-This is an excellent lineup. If
Branded!-3/7, 03:28 pm-First, Black Jack Johnson will probably
Anonymous-3/6, 05:36 am-damn u guys are spoiled....what we
Is there an age limit??
bitch-3/7, 04:52 pm-Candy ravers are obnoxious! They have
Basement Jaxx
dr_chewbacca-3/7, 07:55 am-well I sorta know who to ask what at
iowa dancer-3/7, 07:25 am-quit teasing us with this stuff. i
Anonymous-3/6, 10:03 am-I emailed Astrawerks and they said
mao-3/5, 05:05 pm-i think astalwerks should make up for
153155-3/5, 05:01 pm-i thought this would be my chance to
153155-3/5, 04:58 pm-i feel your pain, i missed them to...
IanG-3/10, 08:30 pm-i just booked the 27th/28th at the
Anonymous-3/10, 03:51 pm-Well i booked a hotel 3 days ago,
Anonymous-3/9, 07:32 pm-there are a few Motel 6 in the area.
Anonymous-3/9, 07:08 pm-everyplace? or just the cheap places?
Anonymous-3/9, 11:58 am-I am searching, every place is booked,
GV Hotel Guy-3/7, 10:53 am-I just talked to the Super 8 Motel in
Anonymous-3/7, 09:40 am-I dont know what will be more
mmmagenta-3/6, 09:37 pm-I called around looking for hotels at
matt-3/5, 10:21 pm-who wants to party i alread have a room
Anonymous-3/5, 08:13 pm-From Rancho Mirage take Bob Hope Dr.
Line-up schedule? Time over sunday night?
Anonymous-3/8, 08:55 pm-Look at the home page or a flyer; from,
Anonymous-3/7, 08:21 pm-Other festivals I have been to at least
Anonymous-3/6, 03:12 pm-Reading & Glastonbury have been
Banshees reunion
Niles-3/10, 02:05 am-Hey people, stop being anonymous.
Anonymous-3/9, 11:32 am-Souxsie and Robert played together on a
serious jade-3/6, 02:53 pm-1985... I was 17... The other kids at
Coup-3/5, 05:46 pm-On Saturday, Coachella is going to be
gothgirl23-3/5, 03:55 pm-Siouxsie is definitely my main
Any carpols from vegas?
shawn-3/8, 11:47 am-I'm driving from Portland, OR
Anonymous-3/7, 06:18 pm-Anyone wanna caravan from Phoenix, AZ?
Pre Party on Friday night
garnet-3/7, 11:34 am-Anybody interested in hooking up with
Anonymous-3/6, 03:14 am-The Best Western Date and Tree
gothgirl23-3/5, 03:51 pm-I'm coming all the way from Seattle
Strokes not headlining over Oasis?
Anonymous-3/9, 06:40 pm-OMG, Am I going to Coachella to be
drained thoughts-3/8, 06:44 pm-yeah i totally agree with you johnny
Johnnytwice-3/8, 03:11 pm--OK children...Now I know what the
cat-3/8, 02:51 pm-ok you find david hasselhoff
Oasis is my spittoon-3/7, 09:01 pm-thank you musiclover...now i don't
musiclover-3/7, 01:34 pm-Oasis is my spittoon!, hey thanks for
oasisbigbutt-3/5, 03:45 pm-Oasis doing "I am the Walrus???
your mom-3/5, 02:41 pm-it was a CO HEADLINING tour loser... if
Where's the IDM?
Anonymous-3/9, 05:55 pm-Thanx for the feedback By Anonymous on
drained thoughts-3/8, 06:49 pm-noooo this cant be true.... noo dnb..
Anonymous-3/8, 01:05 pm-OK people, listen up, this is the cold
The third coachella
whomod-3/7, 01:33 pm-I don't think it's prerequisite
garnet-3/7, 11:47 am-Just in case there's even the
Can you say financial disaster!!
Anonymous-3/11, 03:42 pm-support your local live music gigs
silvanoramirez-3/6, 06:50 pm-Man, I am tired of elitist stupid a$$
cinnamon grrl-3/5, 07:47 pm-I agree with your point about a
Anonymous-3/5, 12:02 pm-I know the US festival was cool, I was
Anonymous-3/5, 09:29 am-Hey Jigga What?!?, Lay off the Jay
drained thought-3/5, 01:35 am-oh god.........u are pathetic if u dont
jigga what?!?-3/4, 11:27 pm-all u stupid naysing fux better not
cinnamon grrl.-3/4, 09:52 pm-I guess you've never heard of the
Anonymous-3/4, 05:49 pm-Who made the US festival so great? Van
Oasis hates America. What are they doing headlining?
Anonymous-3/9, 12:59 am-I'm going to see Oasis and if you
Jimmy2x-3/8, 03:14 pm-You may have already read this...this
Anonymous-3/5, 10:16 pm-Oasis is amazing live. Trust me folks
Anonymous-3/5, 09:33 am-The difference is all the groups you
Acoustics for bjork..
Anonymous-3/8, 10:36 am-what is also amazing is that she does
garnet-3/7, 11:59 am-I've never seen Bjork do a live
bt-3/6, 10:05 pm-i saw the cubes w/ U2 and public enemy
matt-3/6, 07:35 am-bjork is the •••• i
Anonymous-3/6, 01:19 am-Björk is not pregnant Response on
molochmayhem-3/5, 12:52 pm-I read it in the Seattle Weekly.
Anonymous-3/5, 10:50 am-Pregnant? Where did you hear this?
Messages to the Promoters
j. phoenix-3/7, 01:12 pm-oh my GOD! you can't be
j. phoenix-3/6, 05:19 pm-bt=nsync bt=shite
MUZICLVR-3/6, 04:23 pm-
Anonymous-3/5, 09:13 pm-How about some god damn trash
The charlies uK
jesus hairdo-3/5, 08:04 am-It’s really refreshing to finally hear
Anonymous-3/4, 07:53 pm-Starsailor played better than The
The Charlatans so low in lineup???
Anonymous-3/9, 01:05 am-I agree the Charlatans are amazing. I
A plea for a lineup schedule before the show???
Anonymous-3/7, 04:42 pm-~~PREACH ON BROTHA~~
Is there Camping facilities there...
Anonymous-3/7, 06:06 pm-Is anyone planning on staying at Joshua
Anonymous-3/7, 12:56 pm-the 1st year they started clearing the
Anonymous-3/7, 12:45 pm-
drained thoughts-3/8, 06:51 pm-yeah radiohead is awesome.. maybe next
Anonymous-3/8, 02:17 pm-That is the most accurate comment I
Anonymous-3/8, 11:19 am-Thanks for pointing out the typo
pussymatic-3/7, 10:34 pm-declaring ware?
Sneak Stuff In
Anonymous-3/8, 08:18 pm-the only drug i'm interested i is
Anonymous-3/8, 10:13 am-yes bring lots of drugs please
Anonymous-3/8, 07:40 am-I'll have to remember to bring my
yo'crotch is ill!-3/7, 09:23 pm-i'm bringing an ashtray, a coffee
Anonymous-3/7, 02:46 pm-Ok skitzo.....ummm there is medications
Anonymous-3/7, 02:02 pm-i will be your cat,meoowwwwwwww i love
Hahaha-3/7, 01:36 pm-personally I wouldnt dig a guy with a
steven-3/7, 10:03 am-im a gonna sneak my cat in. wouldnt
Anonymous-3/7, 09:44 am-I will bring the crack
Anonymous-3/4, 08:52 pm-sNeAk In a KeG
I want to have a food booth there. What do I do?
dashz-3/11, 10:52 am-best BBQ in Southern California!!!
Viva Mexico!-3/7, 10:13 pm-its not our fault you smoke crack.
Anonymous-3/7, 04:40 pm-ARE YOU PEOPLE OBESE??? YOU SEEM
Whose got the Dope beats?
Micraphonechecka-3/7, 01:39 pm-werd dope beats will be when I bend
Anonymous-3/10, 05:43 am-Will I get my $$ back for the tickets I
Anonymous-3/9, 01:15 am-is there a stripper-team?
Anonymous-3/7, 01:51 pm-when are the applicants for the street
Anonymous-3/5, 09:46 am-Great! The fu<king dumbass that
Anonymous-3/4, 08:45 pm-iS ThErE a BeEr tEaM?
Shhhhh!! Surprise Additions!
Niles-3/10, 08:04 pm-Krokus is the shite!! I hear Glen
sprout-3/10, 05:50 pm-Blackalicious! Add them!
oasisismyhero-3/10, 12:26 pm-i would like to hear (in no
Niles-3/9, 08:21 pm-You people have forgotten one very,
craiggggggggg-3/9, 07:19 pm-Hey Radiohead boy (or girl, or
Anonymous-3/9, 06:16 pm-I think the headlining slot is already
Anonymous-3/8, 10:42 pm-how about F ucking RADIOHEAD
drained thought-3/8, 06:53 pm-lol u are stupid for taking these posts
Anonymous-3/8, 03:10 pm-how the hell are they gonna get the
garnet-3/7, 12:09 pm-OK, man here I go again with stuff off
Anonymous-3/4, 11:17 pm-i heard sigur ros are gonna show up
Anonymous-3/4, 08:43 pm-fIrE AnD mOsHiNg!
Oasis leads them all
Anonymous-3/11, 02:50 pm-Thank you. I didn't know anybody
oasissuckscatpoo-3/11, 12:48 pm-as good as the stones??? s**t
Anonymous-3/11, 08:30 am-Go Brush Your Tooth Limey
fvckedoff OasisFan-3/11, 08:12 am-Unless you ignorant twats have ever seen
Anonymous-3/9, 05:59 pm-LOL What would you have to blow???????
NoDentistsInU.K.?-3/9, 10:07 am-the wonderfull book of gleaming
OasisSux-3/9, 10:05 am-BLOW ME
Anonymous-3/8, 07:18 pm-Americans who rag on Oasis don't
The Hindu Times-3/8, 03:25 pm-I'll give them a try I guess...I
oasisblowsmydog-3/5, 12:31 pm-hootie and blow sticks sold out in
Anonymous-3/5, 09:51 am-Never actually sold out, they were
Anonymous-3/5, 07:43 am-As far as selling out there music,
Anonymous-3/5, 07:41 am-Well they sold out 3 shows at Radio
Anonymous-3/4, 08:52 pm-Anyone hatin on Oasis, can you please
Anonymous-3/11, 01:30 pm-Sweetheart I have tryed it and never
Dancing Freak-3/10, 12:37 am-Personally, I hate E-tards. They take
Niles-3/9, 07:19 pm-Why is everyone railing on each other?
Anonymous-3/9, 12:04 pm-ANY E TARDS GOING TO THIS YOU FUCKS
Anonymous-3/8, 08:26 pm-your right we will be able to tell
anti raver-3/7, 01:41 pm-Yeah you will know if you have a
cinnamon grrl-3/6, 12:33 pm-I'm hoping as Coachella becomes mre
What about the D&B?
drained thoughts-3/7, 06:46 pm-yeah for reals i would be soo happy if
Anonymous-3/7, 10:04 am-Sound Tribe Sector 9 is live D&B?
Anonymous-3/6, 02:36 pm-I know they aren't true D&B,
Richard D JAmes is a lamer
Anonymous-3/7, 12:45 pm-Aphex Twin is da man.
Anonymous-3/6, 10:56 am-Aphex twin is hyped up because he is
Anonymous-3/6, 08:43 am-skool for dummies,it's the Beta
Skool For Dummies-3/4, 09:58 pm-The only genius name in your mouth and
Backstage Braceletts
Anonymous-3/9, 09:20 pm-All the tickets are backstage passes!
garnet-3/8, 04:56 pm-I seriously doubt that this information
Anonymous-3/6, 11:18 pm-This is a STROKES GIRL who's
Anonymous-3/6, 06:26 pm-get them the old fashion way.....blow a
Daphne Blue-3/6, 02:59 pm-Did anyone get any info on backstage
txpi84-3/6, 02:46 pm-Yes I would like backstage passes, too.
DesertWoman-3/5, 03:37 pm-oooo Me Too! anyone know how to get
garnet-3/5, 03:30 pm-I would love to score a couple of
Anonymous-3/5, 07:28 am-I got mine thru the radio station last
garnet-3/5, 03:24 pm-Wow I feel so privileged to have the
Interested in meeting?
TooBadURaOkieHick-3/11, 05:41 pm-Yeah go there! its JerrySpringer.com
me-3/11, 04:02 pm-why don't you all just go on Jerry
hopingURreallySORRY-3/11, 03:18 pm-I hope you really are because you
ThinkingAboutOtherPe-3/11, 03:02 pm-SORRY
Anonymous-3/11, 02:52 pm-then you are truly insensitive because
Anonymous-3/11, 02:41 pm-LOL, my side hurts from laughing so
Anonymous-3/11, 02:39 pm-geez, whats up wit u peoples, well
garnet-3/11, 02:32 pm-Wow you guys sure make yourselves out to
KissMyGrits-3/11, 11:25 am-well you talk about dog poo so much
GayDogPooEater-3/11, 08:44 am-SUP.........ladies...
sunloverresponds to -3/10, 06:49 pm-its happening to me too! And by the
DesertWoman-3/10, 06:26 pm-Ok this jus' Sucks! I am not
DesertWoman-3/10, 05:37 pm-and im gonna cancel the fest. and eat
DesertWoman-3/10, 05:30 pm-jus. kiddin, they are all my posts...
DesertWoman-3/10, 05:23 pm-I didnt post any of this! Whats going
SunLover-3/10, 02:46 pm-and Im gay..........
DesertWoman-3/10, 02:43 pm-oh yea, he,s right and your a piece of
DesertWoman-3/10, 02:41 pm-i really do talk sh!t.....
DesertWoman-3/10, 02:39 pm-he"s right ya know
cantGetLaidInAmillio-3/10, 02:36 pm-gee, thats really gonna score you some
Anonymous-3/9, 12:06 pm-you r mama talks
dUMfUK-3/9, 10:13 am-NO!!!! its NOT!!!!!!!!
Dsrt.Wmn.TalksSh!t-3/9, 10:12 am-Gee Thanks..........
Ioan Voda-3/8, 05:29 pm-is this worth coming all the way from
Gotcha-3/8, 10:07 am-Put me on the list too... to meet up!
Smily-3/7, 03:49 pm-Hey I'd love to meet with some
westend-3/7, 10:33 am-Im coming from Vancouver, BC, cant seem
Rickety-3/7, 10:05 am-Hey hey hey. A forty-year-old skinny
sunlover-3/6, 01:41 pm-Ack! I gave the wrong email address...
gothgirl23-3/6, 10:33 am-I'm coming from Seattle with 1 or 2
SunLover-3/5, 07:47 pm-Hey count me in! Im coming alone!
Where are people coming from and favorite act to see?
username-3/11, 03:22 pm-vancouver BC. coming to see Oasis/foo
Anonymous-3/11, 01:36 am-I want to see all the indie rock power
Jose Esquibel-3/10, 02:37 am-España Siouxie and the Banshees
garnet-3/9, 02:31 pm-Oh, and I'm coming from Santa Fe,
garnet-3/9, 02:27 pm-Man, I'm really pumped about this
Anonymous-3/9, 02:09 am-NAYCE.... We are coming from good
tongzhi-3/8, 03:35 pm-By Anonymous on Tuesday, March 5, 2002
Danko Jones-3/7, 08:20 pm-Coming from Kitchener, Ontario Canada!
drained thought-3/7, 08:05 pm-Santa Maria Ca. *DAY ONE*
Anonymous-3/7, 04:01 pm-Santa Barbara, CA Siouxsie Sioux!
Anonymous-3/7, 10:40 am-Ventura County CA I am so there to
westend-3/7, 10:29 am-Im all over Bjork and Mos Def, J5 and
Anonymous-3/7, 10:11 am-Ventura County CA I am so there to
molochmayhem-3/6, 02:07 pm-I know, I know. It's silly.
Anonymous-3/6, 01:31 pm-I guess no one saw the part about
molochmayhem-3/6, 01:21 pm-Besides that, your spelling abilities
molochmayhem-3/6, 01:18 pm-Not liking Bjork's or Oasis'
indiolocal-3/6, 09:52 am-indio local: jurassic 5, mos def, cake,
Anonymous-3/6, 09:19 am-2 from toledo, oh sasha & digweed
Anonymous-3/5, 07:06 pm-zhong guo? ni be si le ma?
tongzhi-3/5, 04:54 pm-beijing/pecking, china Bjork
Anonymous-3/5, 11:44 am-Los Angeles, Oasis Pete Yorn Cake The
First time at Coachella
DoctorOCTO-3/10, 02:16 pm-I am bringing my half-shark/alligator
steven-3/10, 12:35 pm-you people are mean. just because you
Anonymous-3/10, 05:33 am-If I can fit a wine cooler bottle up my
Anonymous-3/9, 12:13 pm-HOW ABOUT I BRING MY AK YOU DUNB F UCKS
BigAs$Man-3/9, 10:18 am-Sure , you can bring all that stuff,
HollywoodChicz-3/9, 07:03 am-If we can't bring in
Anonymous-3/6, 05:21 pm-am planning on bringing my pet
Anonymous-3/5, 02:52 pm-I am bringing my pet Hippopotomus. He
Jim-3/5, 12:14 pm-No Cats allowed Bjork is allergic
Is This IT??!!?
garnet-3/5, 03:40 pm-Sorry, I don't know whether or not
Fake Tickets in Parking Lot
Anonymous-3/8, 08:24 am-Ah to be 15 again..........
Anonymous-3/6, 07:17 pm-hey braggerkilla what the
Gotta checkout THE BETA BAND on Day 1!!
scott-3/5, 05:41 pm-I don't know about Paula, but I
Anonymous-3/4, 08:37 pm-Can you say "viral
Christo Mephisto-3/4, 10:05 pm-Prodigy...! Wha-a-at! Oh, well, you
Please nooo tents!
Anonymous-3/7, 10:50 am-some of the tents even had speakers in
bt-3/6, 10:13 pm-the insomniac tent last year was pretty
drained thought-3/6, 09:29 pm-none of u guys think tents get too hot?
Anonymous-3/6, 05:43 pm-Chemical didn't turn down sh*t,
dr_chewbacca-3/5, 03:25 pm-indeed the insomniac was off the h00k!
Motel 6 blows up Coachella weekend!
r.v.motionsickness-3/4, 10:08 pm-Kamp or Die, fools! Weekend Warriors
Everyone complaining should stop posting
BitchmastaVague-3/4, 10:11 pm-you're a grammar whizkid that needs
RIDE SHARE FORUM! Hook up with kids travelling to show
username-3/11, 03:25 pm-Vancouver 19/20 year old couple seeking
garnet-3/5, 03:55 pm-I know this is a long shot, but are
Belle and sebastian
Anomaly-3/5, 03:27 pm-I was at the Wiltern in September too I
Anomaly-3/5, 03:23 pm-I was at the Wiltern in September too I
More Acts to Be Added?
tongzhi-3/7, 01:17 pm-i love pollstar... especially when
dr_chewbacca-3/5, 08:10 am-yeah, if someone is on (or going to
Anonymous-3/5, 01:32 am-Nice link...somehow I never hit it
dr_chewbacca-3/4, 07:35 pm-yeah Mix Master Mike is still on
Lighting my farts
POOP-3/7, 01:44 pm-Hey anyone wanna make out with my
ian-3/11, 03:31 pm-hey me and my g/f are travelling from
garnet-3/5, 04:04 pm-Hey is anybody organizing a carpool
gothgirl23-3/5, 10:28 am-Wow I am also making the trip from
Post Your Party HERE!
EmOgIrLy-3/11, 04:58 pm-Uh yeah where are all the Indie Rockers
lovesDumGirlz-3/9, 10:19 am-what a ditz...........
cinnamon grrl-3/9, 12:03 am-where's the parties with all the
RRRRock-3/4, 07:20 pm-Friday Night: the "Ol'P" in
Anonymous-3/10, 09:17 pm-who the hell is mark, tofu?
Anonymous-3/8, 04:45 pm-who the hell is Mark Tofu?
Anonymous-3/7, 06:31 pm-tofu
Girls need a place to stay?...........Free???
Anonymous-3/6, 08:46 pm-I have room for a couple of girls.
Anonymous-3/6, 01:33 pm-Mad Phat Gay
hotdude-3/6, 01:05 pm-I have a room as well about five
matt-3/6, 07:41 am-girls i am staying 5 minutes from the
Anonymous-3/5, 06:56 pm-Uncompromising sex! OMG!
garnet-3/5, 04:25 pm-Hey, Scott thanks for establishing this
Anonymous-3/5, 08:27 am-What's wrong with free?
The Brothers to Dominate Coachella 2002
adrock303-3/10, 03:16 am-I've been sayin' this shi t
paulieslim-3/7, 02:37 pm-HEH! nice Ingrish :p indeed Ladies
Anonymous-3/6, 07:23 pm-the chems ar going to blow are
tongzhi-3/6, 05:24 pm-das bros CH will drop the
kandd-3/4, 06:54 pm-yeah I agree the chemicals are really
Anonymous-3/5, 10:17 pm-to bad you people dont live in cali
Anonymous-3/5, 06:53 pm-Airport hassles HaHaHaHaHa! Fly naked!
akyouser.oner-3/5, 01:21 pm-i agree bro. we don't have the time
molochmayhem-3/5, 01:02 pm-••••...take the
DJ Riko-3/5, 08:37 am-The weekend traffic out of LA does suck
Black rebel motorcycle club...ummm
janes-3/5, 10:00 pm-No. From the BRMC official web site
Anonymous-3/5, 05:42 pm-So does this mean that Spiritualized
Anonymous-3/4, 06:18 pm-I think their record company would be
Anonymous-3/4, 10:14 pm-you've already posted essentially
Who is DJ pretzel???
Anonymous-3/10, 09:06 am-dj peretz in perry farrell from
DJPRETZEL-3/7, 01:45 pm-I am DJ PRETZEL
ho chi minh-3/6, 02:17 pm-i love how when him and vincent gallo
Anonymous-3/6, 01:57 pm-I know Perry suxxs as a DJ, but he is
garnet-3/5, 04:46 pm-Perry Farrel is without a doubt one of
Anonymous-3/5, 03:42 pm-you guys watch... he's probably
dr_chewbacca-3/5, 03:22 pm-railways in India have had less
Perry-3/5, 01:22 pm-Ok mom, I'm on my way...floating on
Perry's Mom-3/5, 01:08 pm-dammit, Perry. i told you to shut the
perry's mom-3/5, 12:49 pm-BWAHAHHAHAHAHHAHAAAA!!! yeah right.
Perry-3/5, 12:43 pm-I didn't know so many people hated
steven-3/5, 12:38 pm-hey thanks guys.. i've heard of
dr_chewbacca-3/5, 11:26 am-you're crazy Ferrell is a horrbile
Anonymous-3/5, 08:22 am-Dj pretzel? You are obviously under 18.
Gia Powers-3/5, 07:44 am-I wish my parents were as cool as
Anonymous-3/5, 12:51 am-Just a tip...you can click on the
Anonymous-3/4, 07:31 pm-do you mean DJ Peretz? If so its Perry
Steven-3/4, 06:50 pm-Never heard of this DJ before? Can
If you don't like the lineup don't go.
Anonymous-3/11, 04:55 pm-Just because people are into all
craigggggggg-3/9, 06:52 pm-Yea dude, all these people bitching are
garnet-3/7, 10:02 pm-Hey don't be so defeatist,
bt-3/5, 01:06 pm-i just got over the flu... i don't
greg-3/5, 12:35 pm-Ok I won't go then..
Anonymous-3/5, 08:25 am-Hey is anyone else sick of hearing
Free stickers??? -totally free!
Anonymous-3/5, 10:53 pm-beware of the Anthrax!
Anonymous-3/5, 08:43 pm-I'll send you my credit card number
Anonymous-3/5, 08:21 pm-YA •••• OFF
Anonymous-3/5, 01:41 pm-How about some of my DNA as well?
akyouser.oner-3/5, 12:52 pm-wow, really??? you want anything else?
freestickersz-3/5, 12:32 pm-just e-mail your street address, city,
Does anyone know if Spiritualized is playing?
Niles-3/10, 04:59 pm-No, replace Oakie w/ van Dyk. Does that
drained thoughts-3/10, 03:25 pm-ewww paul van dyk noooooooooo we dont
Niles-3/10, 12:35 am-Spirtualized, is not playing. They will
Anonymous-3/6, 05:37 pm-Bently and Roker were on flyer , but
smith-3/6, 05:27 pm-out of sight is always out of mind i
eeeger-3/6, 03:47 pm-i got both the old flyers and schedules
DV8-3/6, 02:03 pm-Raymond Roker and Jason Bently were
Anonymous-3/6, 02:00 pm-Cool Keith was added year one
bt-3/6, 01:01 pm-sorry...but wasn't plaid or
Anonymous-3/6, 12:18 pm-there hasn't been anyone added to
King J-3/6, 10:25 am-Hey stupid, it says at the bottom of
Anonymous-3/6, 09:41 am-um, hello. the line-up has been out for
200 Bars-3/5, 10:03 pm-Maybe the rumor got started because
PurePhase-3/5, 06:04 pm-Highly, highly unlikely, but possible.
Anonymous-3/5, 05:52 pm-I heard a rumour that they are.
Carpool from San Diego
Matthew-3/5, 09:26 pm-Anyone want to carpool up from San
Please!!!!! Get the Super Furries!!!!!
Jim-3/6, 02:55 pm-Supper furries won't be there
Tanner-3/5, 11:46 pm-The Super furry Animals are going to be
Re-entering the venue?
Anonymous-3/10, 08:10 am-It's true. All the "security
Niles-3/9, 11:40 pm-You're not allowed to re -enter,
Anonymous-3/6, 03:59 pm-there is a 70 dollar re-entry fee
Anonymous-3/6, 01:58 pm-not a chance
Anonymous-3/6, 08:58 am-No ins and outs
Anonymous-3/6, 07:37 am-I was wondering if you can re-enter the
Any Goths going to day 1?
poop-3/11, 04:52 pm-goths are lame
Anonymous-3/11, 02:20 pm-Even though I go to goth clubs, I
greg-3/11, 12:50 pm-ok thanks for the update.
drained thoughts-3/10, 03:34 pm-black always looks slick and goes with
gothgirl23-3/10, 02:40 pm-I have been goth since I was 12 and I
greg-3/10, 01:32 pm-Why do goths wear black clothes?
Anonymous-3/10, 09:03 am-goths in the desert. tee hee.
steven-3/6, 02:54 pm-yeah all hang with al of you, it you
Anonymous-3/6, 01:16 pm-Look, I don't plan on going all out
Anonymous-3/6, 12:20 pm-I am bringing my black nuse. Anyone
steven-3/6, 11:00 am-what is a goth?? yeah black would be to
gothgirl23-3/6, 10:38 am-Summer goth attire - you can still wear
akyouser.oner-3/6, 10:14 am-what is this, a fashion show? i would
Anonymous-3/6, 09:43 am-don't burn that white skin, goths!
Anonymous-3/6, 09:42 am-45 piercings in my left ear and 22 in
Anonymous-3/6, 09:29 am-I'm definately going to night one
How to get to/from Festival & Hotels??
Niles-3/9, 11:32 pm-Parking opens at 10:00am; I beieve the
Anonymous-3/7, 08:26 pm-What Time Do the Parking Lots
Stanli-3/7, 11:39 am-Also try getting to the venue off of
Anonymous-3/7, 11:09 am-Head east on HWY 111 towards Indio and
Anonymous-3/7, 08:02 am-Hmmm... sounds like the insurance
akyouser.oner-3/7, 07:55 am-oh damn, i almost forgot! it took us
DJ Riko-3/7, 07:31 am-i went to the show from palm springs
Anonymous-3/6, 08:43 pm-I e-mailed these guys and they said
molochmayhem-3/6, 03:38 pm-Generally speaking, how close can you
Gia Powers-3/6, 12:24 pm-Our Hotel is only 1.5 miles from the
akyouser.oner-3/6, 11:53 am-buddy, the traffic last year has only
twisty-3/6, 11:44 am-this may be a stupid question...but how
Got DJs???
Anonymous-3/7, 06:23 pm-at least last year there was an awesome
dr_chewbacca-3/6, 10:02 pm-well thats good news. I sure hope the
Anonymous-3/6, 01:51 pm-Sasha & Digweed are spinning a 4
dr_chewbacca-3/6, 01:20 pm-well, in the past each dj got 1hr 15
akyouser.oner-3/6, 01:11 pm-ok, maybe i should clarify: local=the
bt-3/6, 01:09 pm-ha-ha...i think he meant local as in
dr_chewbacca-3/6, 01:05 pm-local DJs, eh?? Sorry to the city of
akyouser.oner-3/6, 12:54 pm-yeah, but hopefully (!)
dr_chewbacca-3/6, 12:01 pm-Well I have to say how disappointing
Who do you want to see at the show that you haven't seen yet?
Jambamukus-3/7, 11:30 am-I think... not sure.. but I think
quadreplegic-3/6, 11:52 pm-ive been dying to see Oasis for years,
paulieslim-3/6, 09:57 pm-the prodigy, cornershop, groove armada,
Anonymous-3/6, 08:40 pm-Chemical Brothers
tongzhi-3/6, 05:30 pm-Charlatans UK Cornershop Folk
Anonymous-3/6, 04:27 pm-the mars volta! and blonde readhead
Anonymous-3/6, 03:52 pm-Who do you want to see at the show that
Anyone going from BC, Canada.???
ian-3/11, 04:04 pm-yeah i am going from vancouver with my
Anonymous-3/7, 02:12 pm-yeah i already got my ticket for both
westend-3/7, 10:40 am-let me know
AnY cUtE eMo BoYz GoIn????
Anonymous-3/11, 11:33 am-And by the way for CRAIGGGGG.....EMO is
emodoll-3/11, 11:32 am-Hey Chris....I am going and I am really
EmOgIrLy-3/11, 11:29 am-the Emo Romulan look - short, thick,
craigggggggg-3/9, 06:30 pm-Hey is anyone who likes music going?
oscar d grouch-3/8, 09:41 am-any elmos gonna be there?
Anonymous-3/8, 12:01 am-What does an Emo boy look like exactly?
Chris-3/7, 08:29 pm-I'm really into emo..
SickGurl-3/7, 01:25 pm-Forget the Emo'z bring on the
EmOgIrLy-3/7, 11:51 am-Hahahah how cute...you like Dashboard
Ferris-3/7, 11:23 am-Sure....I'll be the one in the
EmOgIrLy-3/7, 10:45 am-Just curious to know if any cute Emo or
Lineup times?
DontKnowCaCa-3/8, 10:30 am-The parking lot will probably open up
Anonymous-3/8, 07:43 am-Even if times are not given...
=a=-3/7, 11:16 am-Will there be an advanced lineup of
Local concert goers
Anonymous-3/11, 04:36 pm-The locals that will be at the show
Anonymous-3/11, 12:26 am-yo, locals we are counting on you to
CurlyGirly-3/8, 01:59 pm-Touche! DezerTomB! Touche! Im local
deZerTomB-3/8, 01:57 pm-I'm local, unfortunately. hehe.
Anonymous-3/7, 07:32 pm-smokin' the icky icky P.D. poo...
Anonymous-3/7, 03:32 pm-
paulieslim-3/7, 02:22 pm-lol!! well, I saw an overabundance of
Anonymous-3/7, 12:46 pm-12:06 here, sorry, i was thinking of
akyouser.oner-3/7, 12:43 pm-yeah, elderly folks. and yes, i was
Gia Powers-3/7, 12:37 pm-By Blue Hairs do you mean Old People?
Anonymous-3/7, 12:06 pm-the "blue-hairs" at denny's
Cloe-3/7, 11:53 am-Im local!
paulieslim-3/7, 11:41 am-I am not local and I know "whats
K-pax-3/7, 11:26 am-are any of you here from the coachella
Weezer's absence
Anonymous-3/11, 03:30 pm-Radiohead would be great...Weezer is a
drained thoughts-3/11, 12:39 am-amen
Anonymous-3/11, 12:34 am-i like weezer, but "mad" they
Anonymous-3/8, 12:56 pm-WE NEED F UCKING RADIOHEAD
ApheXer101-3/8, 10:13 am-It was cool seeing Weezer last year,
PunkPrincess-3/7, 01:27 pm-I am a little bitter about that...they
Anonymous-3/7, 11:57 am-i am not mad at all. the line is fine
Anonymous-3/7, 11:44 am-so does weeze
Anonymous-3/7, 11:40 am-Weezer sucks
Moog Sharp-3/7, 11:29 am-does any one else besides me kinda mad
Coachella vs. Audiotistic vs. How Sweet It Is
Anonymous-3/11, 12:12 am-i heard the same. good venues are hard
IHateB3-3/8, 04:57 pm-I was jsut told by B3Cande that How
tongzhi-3/8, 03:46 pm-b3 is just horrible how sweet it is not
Anonymous-3/7, 03:44 pm-yes www.audiotistic.com
Anonymous-3/7, 03:33 pm-is there an audiotistic website?
Anonymous-3/7, 03:30 pm-They all will be fun and different in
jambamukus-3/7, 03:14 pm-thanks, see ya at coachella, and i
Anonymous-3/7, 03:07 pm-www.b3cande.com how sweet it is info
jambamukus-3/7, 03:00 pm-how can i find more info on how sweet
FestGoer-3/7, 12:22 pm-The Coachella line-up is great as
The Pharcyde
dr_chewbacca-3/7, 05:29 pm-they were scheduled for the 27th..btw..
dr_chewbacca-3/7, 05:23 pm-have been added to 4/28/02!!!! ...If I
What time will it end?
Anonymous-3/10, 05:23 am-Where are the after-parties?
Niles-3/9, 11:17 pm-But, the party starts, right quick
Anonymous-3/7, 10:05 pm-it ends around midnight
Anonymous-3/7, 09:33 pm-What time will it get out?
Anyone going to go see The (Inthernational) Noise Conspiracy?
ms-3/11, 12:20 am-so go saturday too. INC rule. don't
Anonymous-3/8, 10:40 am-I wanted to soooo badly, but I'm
anonimouse-3/8, 01:00 am-Just curious to see if theirs and
Gia Powers-3/9, 07:26 am-I understood your sarcasm =)
drained thoughts-3/9, 01:51 am-a jungle party after the show would be
j. phoenix-3/8, 10:46 pm-i hope everyone knows i was just making
Anonymous-3/8, 04:58 pm-you better not trash the place
Anonymous-3/8, 03:56 pm-you are sucn a wierd F$%king person...
j. phoenix-3/8, 03:50 pm-g-ya, word 2 mah peeps, dis sick
Anonymous-3/8, 09:55 am-DIS IS TO ALL JUNGLIST!!!! ME AND MAH
Bring Morrissey back!!
Anonymous-3/8, 10:53 pm-every day is like coachella
Anonymous-3/8, 01:18 pm-on sunday please!
Bring Harrison Back!!!
DumFuk-3/9, 10:22 am-I agree, i cant wait for the next
Anonymous-3/8, 01:54 pm-Bring Harrison Back!!!
Anonymous-3/11, 09:34 am-yeah tom yorke and jonny greenwood
Anonymous-3/9, 11:59 am-then this would be absolutely wonderful
drained thoughts-3/8, 11:52 pm-LONG LIVE RADIOHEAD! haha
Anonymous-3/8, 10:56 pm-IF YOU WANT TO SEE A KICK A SS BAND
Attn Oasis fans: what hotel are you staying at?
Anonymous-3/11, 09:03 am-Actually the gay section of the low
backtomine1013-3/11, 07:24 am-I guess you could call me a fan of
Anonymous-3/10, 03:34 pm-I'd love to give out my email
Anonymous-3/10, 12:32 pm-there is plenty of all gay resorts in
Anonymous-3/10, 09:01 am-whoa. i'm out of touch. oasis
Anonymous-3/10, 07:59 am-I'm also going to Las Vegas Fri
Anonymous-3/10, 07:58 am-Only reason I'm going is to see
Anonymous-3/9, 05:51 pm-LOL I've never known anybody to
JusKiddinOasisSpeck-3/9, 10:23 am-yes, most the homos will be there,
Anonymous-3/9, 01:08 am-I haven't booked a room yet and was
A First-timer's Questions!...
Anonymous-3/11, 12:05 am-Water is $2, not three or four. Crowd
Anonymous-3/10, 03:54 pm-
Anonymous-3/10, 08:58 am-You won't be wanting much alcohol
Anonymous-3/9, 05:04 pm-They stop serving pretty early. I think
Anonymous-3/9, 04:57 pm-Everyone is a VIP!
Anonymous-3/9, 12:38 pm-There was a hard alcohol bar last year
Anonymous-3/9, 12:02 pm-usually well handled,pretty mellow no
IamGoin2bloMyHeadOff-3/9, 10:26 am-geez.....................i cant handle
HollywoodChicz-3/9, 06:56 am-Hey all of you veterans out there, help
With Some Improvements...
Anonymous-3/11, 04:30 pm-In response to akyouser.oner who loves
Anonymous-3/11, 03:15 pm-Tap water at porta potties? EW
Anonymous-3/11, 10:38 am-If you're really that cheap you
akyouser.oner-3/11, 10:27 am-they could have free water, but would
Anonymous-3/11, 08:46 am-Why is it that people will spend $65 -
Anonymous-3/10, 03:43 pm-
Sativa-3/10, 08:57 am-I attended last year's production
A few questions?!!?
Anonymous-3/11, 03:39 pm-It was a 100 last year. It was unusual
Anonymous-3/11, 03:27 pm-last year was not 100 degrees...where
Anonymous-3/11, 08:38 am-I attended both of the two last
Gia Powers-3/11, 06:57 am-Both fesitvals were blistring. Not an
james-3/11, 06:51 am-i dont know how the weather was at the
Anonymous-3/10, 07:48 pm-hhhhhhhhh
blah blah blah-3/10, 07:46 pm-I’m coming down from Portland so please
Flaming Buttholes?
Tom T-3/11, 07:00 am-Does anyone know if the Flaming
For the Big Liars
LikeIhaventFiguredit-3/11, 10:42 am-I think you know who you are
Road trip from GA
Anonymous-3/11, 03:14 pm-Sorry bro, sleeping in the parking lot
Chris Malinsky-3/11, 12:37 pm-I'm driving from Atlanta, GA.
Anyone from Austin road tripping to the show?
Anonymous-3/11, 05:41 pm-austin bring it on. I love Austin, and
Boris Weldon-3/11, 02:59 pm-We went in 99',2001,and we'll
Coming from VANCOUVER BC
ian-3/11, 04:07 pm-My g/f and I (19 and 20 years
Hootenanny Festival
How about some new bands?
slick mo fo-3/11, 04:31 pm-Johnny Cash~~~~ Good one, looks like
Anonymous-3/6, 09:32 am-Best suggestion possible.
blueyedevil-3/5, 09:13 pm-On his birthday, Johnny Cash mentioned
Hootenanny 2002
slick mo fo-3/11, 04:37 pm-my guess some time in summer in So.Cal
Mike Ness
SickGurl-3/7, 04:55 pm-He is not HIV positive! He is the
Jimmy eat world?
JIMMY EAT ME-3/7, 04:56 pm-Hes a cutie he can stick me up his
grease bitch-3/7, 04:59 pm-Of course there will be hootananny this
Wasn't the white stripes gonna be there?
Tod Robbins-3/11, 01:43 am-hey guys i thought the white stripes
Upcoming Concerts
Hootenanny-Rocket From the Crypt to play?
Diana V. Vega-3/8, 01:00 pm-If anyone knows when and where
General Discussion
Other artists I'd love to see...
horrorhead-3/11, 01:41 pm-i think it would be cool to see some
Bands I'd like to See
Branded!-3/7, 03:34 pm-Gorillaz.
Mazzy star at coachello 2002
Anonymous-3/7, 01:43 pm-mazzy star or at least hope
SFA/Travis... coachella promoters, riddle me this...
johnson-3/5, 07:47 pm-cos ive heard it from all over the
Press Information
Anonymous-3/7, 04:17 pm-well since I write for a paper based
Anonymous-3/7, 11:41 am-if your such a loser and cant find out
Anonymous-3/7, 12:22 am-Hi there, I shot off an email about 2
Look at this
Anonymous-3/11, 04:39 am-www.dakuta.com


10-01-2008, 08:30 PM
some of my favorites:

jigga what?!?-3/4, 11:27 pm-all u stupid naysing fux better not

Jim-3/5, 12:14 pm-No Cats allowed Bjork is allergic


some things never change...

10-02-2008, 12:36 AM
i figured the old google index would be good for searching people who werent totaly famousl in 2001. i think i found amy winehouses old address. i sent her an email in hopes i could change her life now. but that was false hope in the sense obama will win. i'm pretty drunk on potato vodka so i'm sure i'm rambling now. but what the hey. i think i found michael cera's old email address too. here's to hoping they reply.

either way, i hope this has brought some old ass memories to those who have been around from the very beginning.

here's to a few more coachellas.


10-02-2008, 08:39 AM
Branded!-3/7, 03:28 pm-First, Black Jack Johnson will probably

for a moment there I thought 'holy crap! we've complained about him since the dawn of time'. but then I realized that's not JJ at all.

it's interesting how that board allowed anonymous posting. and it looks like it was all one long thread? madness.

kitt kat
10-02-2008, 10:26 AM
omg ghetto pitchfork

10-02-2008, 10:41 AM
http://ivy.aholic.us/gallery/d/673346-2/chairmenmeow47+2001.JPG?g2_GALLERYSID=84cc684f9312 8832c2ba01673e486b3d

i guess it wasn't until later in 2001 or 2002 that i created this name. crazy.

rage patton
10-02-2008, 10:42 AM
Uhhh... is anybody else's regular google broken?

10-02-2008, 02:47 PM

10-02-2008, 03:12 PM
enron (http://www.google.com/search2001/search?hl=en&q=enron)