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Stefinitely Maybe
09-09-2008, 07:32 AM
Courtney Love's blog posts.

Here's her latest:

how was russell?

i didnt go to the "VMAS" as we used to call them but theyve gotten so fucking Urban i dont know i guess Van Toffler thought ( hes an exec at MTV ) he was being edgy and he WAS by letting my darkling prince Brand host the mtv awards- but theyre not the "VMAS" and they never will be again - i had ZERO desire to watch let alone go and thats one of my very favourite people ive ever known or had the honour of being friends and fiends with hosting it so i feel horribly rude that my desire not to watch assholes with chastity rings- oh for fucks sake ive had some great conversations but not ONE has ever ended in an Orgasm, y'all need some pussy and some cock and shut the hell up- i say this after spending a lovely lovely LOVELY evening with a new friend- friend of Diablos actually's fathers birthday mostly i sat with his parents and just fell utterly in love i wish they were MY parents- no wonder he directs brilliant horror movies- he has had a pretty perfect life- these two were seriously the nicest parents ive ever met- prettty much- plus i like him alot- but thats enough of my personal life i downloaded every one of Conor Obersts lyrics and read them all ALL straight thru - very impressive- very sexual in a very dark and lyrical no pun intended, way- i actual;ly do sing the word LOVE in the proper context for once in my life on this record- i didnt even choke on my bile when singing it- my gall my biluous misanthropy mysonginay and general isms that im so densely full of i just know i like to write lyrics with my rhyming dictionary and thesaurus on one side of the table- Yeats and Rilke to the other ( Ive passed....WAY passed Fluers De Mal thats for rock writing 101) and listen to people who sing words well who challlenge me and not ONLY will i HAPPILY stick up the 854,000 dollars in American Express Fraud Bills Ryan Assams knowingly used tomake that piece of utter shite- and im repeating myself but tonight this morning my Ipods on shuffle and right after the excellent excellent Bright Eyes song about the you know"i wanna lover who doesnt give a fuck...where is the kid with the chemicals" that one- its beautifully demented that song was a fucking shit shit faux country crap song about trains and longing for Jacksonville, NO NO NO it could NOT BE- i pressed the little button on my Ipod fucking a! Ryan with a cowboy hat or something on..oh just singing BULLSHIT-= hes just not being truthful-= in fact hes so fucking mediocre hes the Dave Grohl of the would be Dylans and hey im one, just cos im a little batshit doesnt mean im not going for the prize- I was ALL ready to finally do my Dylan Rite of Passage cover and its just not meaningful in the context of the dizzying amount of songs we already have and the lyrical challenges that face me i mean to aim for absouloute perfection = and see Bright Eyes - he wraps the melodies about his words- i do not do that i have the melodies first and scat my way thru and see what comes out of me- GOD I DO HAVE A FANTASTIC JOB! my matrices may scatter and shed skins off the red snakes crawling in my sobbing dense demonic hell of self loathing and tossed off Chanel and an Ossie Clarke jumpsuit that i swear to God is the coolest thing ive ever seen-= i have to get it for Noel Fielding- will he really truly appreciate the Pallenberg of this blackthin jersey jumpsuit witha neckplunge down to THERE and a bouncy sac? actually yes- there Noel if you can turn on a computer you just found your christmas present and since im Crashing Guildeford for Xmas anyways- i guess i better be bringing a good present.
Ossie Clarke muthafuckin mick/bianca jumpsuit with sequins i just got off topshop.com and ordered some cute shit for NOTHING A sequined beret and a bowler and my glue gun is ...well im CRAFTING you see i have stencils and plasters and all sorts of velvets and laces and dead jewelry and teesny wedding cakes loads of bridal things- im just going to be miss paint the bookshelves Duckegg, Poppy and Chartruese ( GOOOD I LOVE THAT COLOUR CHARTRUESE < AUBERGINE< VERMILLION < NAVAL GREY AND A PAIR OF ROGER VIVIER TARTAN SHOES PLLLEEAASSSE) cos recession leads to not so many trips to Chanel or Fendi or Prada althought that woman is a goddess she gives me the best discount ever- you cant do much damage ina paints and crafts store dammit and ei may suck at assembling rusty shit and all but i can put a shell on a thumbtack witha glue gun like anyone else dammit!
well did my brother from another mother go down well with yall? he looked very NOT nervous. I love Russell, VIVA YOU MOTHERFUCKER I LOVE YOU AN DAM PROUD OF YOU BABY!
how stinking and vile to high fucking hell is music right now- christ id like to shoot it between its eyes- its making me want to write serious tell all books where i am NOT ladylike in my tales- but i shant no i shant - and yes i will pick on Ryan Adams mediocrity until the day he dies because hes just shit- in the sense that unlike Lanegan or Oberst the guy has NO CLUE who he is- yeah eh REALLY misses Jacksonville - why ? cos i own half of it? if you want to discuss Jackson ville then play me "Simple Man " from Skynrd REALLY LOUD- or listen to it on the Almost faMous soundtrack i doubt Camero( Crowe) will take away credit for MY pushing that song on that movie and do i get credit for "Tiny Dancer" in the bus? i dammed well better SHARE in it cos music cues are everything
i went to my friends top floor and one of his movies has a girl i tried to sort of save from herself when she was young- er- shes a fucking beast but i always like the crazies and i simply recognised her tits- thats how jaded i am feeling i can recognise a girls tits- tits are very much NOT the same you know- best pair i ever did see was shall i kiss and tell?
shes in hiding, exiled, and she likes teensy vintage bags , opiates, and is very pretty and insanely patholiogical i mean she lies like noone ive ever known, but i still like her and i hope she comes out of this self exile shit soon shes well missed- her drama and her ....well her tits.
yes yes im sorryt o be even a teesny bit negative -that Cardinals shit just bugged me thru an dthru its a waste cos the guy had a little something a small smear of x factor once a long time ago.... and he appears to have whored it out whilst WHILST STEALING FROM ME and im disgusted and waiting for his apology, how dare he write some minor subtle response questioning my err"sanity" when HES GOT OUTBOARD GEAR AND THE VERY STUDIO HE WORKED AT ON MY AMEX - anyone anytime whod like to see the amex bills please let me know- its from cards applied for without my knowledge using monies from End of Music; Kurts publishing and drained out through forged powers of attorney and trusteeships and two corrupt bank loan officers- SEVENTY FOUR VISAS ive been informed- so dont think 29 amexes is lame- i didnt do it- i just had no sense of what my financial life was or how to cherish it and to guard it and to portect my family= my mother in law ins on her FIFTEENTH felonious refinance and Kurts ssn has 152 properties on it and 24 names- hes been dead and gone some 16 years and yet hes still buying up Michigan an d Gerogia and Florida- and well lets not forget NEW JERSEY AND NE WYORK AND PROBABLY MORE PROPERTY IN CALIFORNIA THAN ANYWHERE he appears Kurt does to very much like teh Hills of Beverly cos he ahs a 6.8 million dollar house on Summiot- yep it says right here- Kurt Donald Cobain, and i have the APN number and everything- i wonder who actually live sthere-. i think the slithering shitsack should answer the door when i getthere and dotn reverse phone numbers jhust tellyoyu the world? my MY!
i got the deeds to alot of the the bogus properties- its pretty gruesome- but i can do something about it i guiess fax it to the proper authoprities- these people doing the naming are idiiots how is it possible that past and previopus occupients of a smallish expensive house in Atlanta all have surnames beginning with the lettter "A"?
i mean about 60 people living in this little pad with a surname with the letter "A" some actually born in 1857! but using Kurt Cobains SSN anyway! its just rape and im getting orange jumpsuit level homicidal about this pillaging. this Gorging. Bankers and CPas are supposed to be trsutworthy. thats what the Government of the United States says. teh FTIC says. the law says.
after i send them to the people whose job it is to stop the 4 TRILLION a year Mortagge Fraud industry , i can happily l;et itgo wonder if when i should do that, i find it shocking the count of people who knew and know this is currently going on thes ehouses getting flipped frponm fake name to fake name year after year i eman a surname like LAFAUX doesnt say anything to you? how about ALBINO, Negro? born 1888. Seriously. Kurts Neighbour in Woodhaven AND Islip NY is mr Negro ALbino, perhaps they just needed an "a: surname desperately , ive also seen the presdient of the chruch of scientologys name as a neighbour in Kentucky- yeah= ha ha.
i did NOT fund a Ryan Cardinals record neither did i purchase it for my ipod in fact that THAT is from THIS years amex fraud and im predtty sure who likes to pretend they are part of the "music biz" and not the criminal class from my past who likes to use my phony ssn with the ghetto credit. but fuck it, its irrelevant, i am DAMMIT CELEBRATORY- i love when a friend does well and Russell appears to have done quite well- ist not exactltya fucking rock fest at mtv its...... "date my mom" remember- and it will never revert back to reliably rock n roll- its just the economiclevel of thier decision marketing wise to "grow with thier audience"" aka save mass money on shows by just predating on peoples insane desire and frenzy to be on insanely dysfunction al reality shows for free.
well all i know is Lachapelle is directing my videos and they can play them if they want to - i love making art with David and speaking of art how excited are we all
that Tarantino is FINALLY making his Inglourious Bastards WW2 movie- fuck YEAH, and im shocked as shit my friend is IN it , hes a director! but maybe itll be like Spike Jonez that adorable muffin of a man in Three Kings wich i still love madly.
Christ i need to watch more movies i need to really go ona jag, but wait im making a record ill go on a jag after- i have a great Producer /boss/director/collabortaor and the best band ill ever be in ever. so HALLEFUCKINGLULJAH.
merry christmas and god bless the germans and tiny tim
whose actually FINISHED "Bleak House"?
im living it so i was just wondering.......
to jung to Jung to Jung to Jung i go clothian and numinous to Jung to Jung i go.

comfy in my own skin and bloody murderous!

KooKoo Banana Funtime
09-09-2008, 07:36 AM
yessssss ?

09-09-2008, 07:37 AM
yessssss ?

I mostly enjoy this guys avatar and name.

09-09-2008, 07:37 AM
Ryan Adams stole her American Express card??

09-09-2008, 07:40 AM
Courtney Love is a hot tranny mess!

09-09-2008, 07:47 AM
Reading that hurt my brain.

Jon Blazed
09-09-2008, 07:53 AM
So Courtney will be at Coachella this year?

Jon Blazed
09-09-2008, 07:56 AM
Ryan Adams stole her American Express card??

I'm wondering if this is some sort of subliminal advertisement for American Express and I-pod...

09-09-2008, 08:32 AM
Yeah, there's no fucking way I could get through that. I saw something about the VMAs, her boyfriend's parents (?), and people stealing Kurt Cobain's identity? She annoys me to no end.

09-09-2008, 08:38 AM
She likes Bright Eyes but Ryan Adams pisses her off which is why she buys Ryan Adams studio gear on her Amex. I think.

bug on your lip
09-09-2008, 08:40 AM
marooko writes in english better than her & he's only been in this country for 26 months

09-09-2008, 08:40 AM
Yeah, there's no fucking way I could get through that. I saw something about the VMAs, her boyfriend's parents (?), and people stealing Kurt Cobain's identity? She annoys me to no end.

thats as far as i got.

marooko writes in english better than her & he's only been in this country for 26 months

dude, its been like 28 months now.

Jon Blazed
09-09-2008, 08:44 AM
y'all need some pussy and some cock and shut the hell up


09-09-2008, 09:00 AM
yeah, the jonus brothers need to take advice from courtney hole.

09-09-2008, 09:01 AM
one of my very favourite people ive ever known or had the honour of being friends and fiends with hosting it

and yet another reason to despise everything about Russell Brand.

09-09-2008, 09:02 AM
Some people are just better when they're hopeless junkie messes. If you have no real worth as a human being, you owe it to the world to get a crippling addiction.

A classic from the vaults:

09-09-2008, 09:15 AM
Yeah, there's no fucking way I could get through that. I saw something about the VMAs, her boyfriend's parents (?), and people stealing Kurt Cobain's identity? She annoys me to no end.

Totally reminds me of the Artie Lange impression. She was on stern and all over the fucking place once and it was fucking classic. I'm sure you can youtube that shit but he does this impression of her being all over the place

Fred would drop the crazy circus music and artie would go.

I think this has it. w0polRWbNQQ

09-09-2008, 09:19 AM
I love Courtney Love. I love her lots. Y'allz are just haterz.

frozen pilgrim
09-09-2008, 09:35 AM
I'd love her to get hit by a bus

09-09-2008, 12:11 PM
and yet another reason to despise everything about Russell Brand.

You, sir, are so wrong.

09-09-2008, 07:42 PM
You, sir, are so wrong.

am I? Courtney Love endorses him, that equals automatic hatred.

09-09-2008, 08:37 PM
you guys are troopers, I seriously couldn't get past like 3 sentences

Stefinitely Maybe
09-10-2008, 03:28 AM
Wouldn't it be awesome if 7 millenia from now Courtney Love's blog is all that survives from our civilisation, just like Gilgamesh is all we have left from the Sumerians, and schoolchildren sweat over it for generations trying to pry out its symbolic meaning?

11-18-2008, 09:11 AM
Courtney Love: There's borderline-crazy blogging (read: Kanye West), and then there's straight-up crazy blogging. Some are diagnosing the latter for Courtney Love in the wake of her internet overshare yesterday [via thelondonpaper.com]. Love posted 60 blog entries in a matter of hours, including photographs of designer dresses that she claims her ex-housekeeper, Miriam Torres, stole from her, accompanied by her own description: "Miriam's a cow, into black magic and took all she could." Love also included posts tagged 'people are f**king evil,' adding, "some people in my life right now haven't been able to keep secrets or be honest or positive."

Oh Courtney.