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08-26-2008, 03:39 PM
Andy Dick to be arraigned this week

Mirna Alfonso • City News Service • August 26, 2008

Comedian Andy Dick, who is accused of grabbing a teenage girl's tank top outside a Murrieta business last month, exposing her breasts, is set to be arraigned Wednesday on misdemeanor battery and drug- and alcohol-related charges.

The 42-year-old entertainer faces one count each of battery, possession of marijuana, possession of a controlled substance and being drunk in public, court documents show.

After reviewing the evidence, prosecutors declined to charge him with the more serious offense of sexual battery.

Dick was arrested July 16 by Murrieta police investigating a report of an “extremely intoxicated and belligerent” man in a parking lot near the Buffalo Wild Wings bar-restaurant about 1:15 a.m.

Arriving officers found Dick sitting in the front passenger seat of a truck, “mumbling incoherently,” Officer Jason Calvert wrote in his police report. The other occupants of the vehicle, except the driver, also appeared to be intoxicated, according to Calvert.

The manager of Buffalo Wild Wings — along with the companion of the 17-year-old alleged victim — asked to make a citizen's arrest of Dick.

Once at the station, “Dick continued to be oblivious to what was going on,” Calvert wrote.

He denied touching the teenager, saying several times “that he did not like girls,” and also denied using drugs, though a Xanax pill and a small amount of marijuana were found in his pants pocket, according to Calvert. Xanax is a drug used to treat anxiety disorders and anxiety caused by depression.

“At times during the interview, Dick would begin to cry and say, ‘I have three kids,'” Calvert wrote.

Following the interview, Dick was taken to a holding cell at the station, where he lay down on the floor and appeared to be “passed out,” according to Calvert.

“At one point I noticed Dick sat up from the floor and his pants were soaked from the waist area to the ankles,” the officer's report says. “I asked Dick why he didn't tell me he had to use the restroom again. Dick stated that he did not want to knock on the window like a caged animal.”

While being transferred later to the Southwest Detention Center, where he was booked on suspicion of sexual battery, Dick continued to make incoherent statements, Calvert said.

“He told me numerous times, ‘Karma is going to get you tenfold,'” Calvert wrote.

Dick, known for his work in the TV series “Less Than Perfect” and “NewsRadio,” spent the night in jail, posted $5,000 bail and walked out of the county lockup about 10 a.m. the following morning.

Dick has drug-related arrests dating to 1999, when he crashed a car into a telephone pole and was charged with drunken driving and possession of cocaine.

On Dec. 4, 2004, Dick was arrested on suspicion of indecent exposure after allegedly mooning friends at a McDonald's.

08-26-2008, 03:43 PM
that crazy dick.

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Andy Dick should die just to give us a thread title to smirk at.

M Sparks
08-26-2008, 05:34 PM
Damn it, I thought Dick Cheney was in a Russian prison or something.