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How has war defined George W. Bush?

Young blood
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How has this thread defined you?

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sounds like someone needs help with his poli sci paper.

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What does wikipedia say?

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it says a lot of stuff, just not enough to get the ball rollin'

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if you can't write a paper on that topic, then you shouldn't be in school.

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this is a pretty lame topic. just google war and copy and paste every article. they'll all have his name in it.

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oh i can. just got the end of the year laziness issue.

05-20-2008, 07:44 PM
off the top of my head after a bottle of wine:

look at it from multiple perspectives / multiple levels. professors dig that shit.

- in the US public's eye the Bush presidency is a failure because both wars were failures. Despite having huge public support for the "good war" he fucked it up by taking his eye off the ball and pursuing the "dumb war". as a result Bush has during his term had some of the highest and ultimately some of the lowest approval ratings of any US president.

- from most of the rest of the world's standpoint, Bush is either dumb or empire building or both. the blunder of Iraq was an unnecessary blunder -- and when France tried to tell him as much, before it actually even happened, Bush was popular enough to make the whole Freedom Fries thing happen. If the same thing happened today, we'd all be happily wearing berets and they'd be serving Chateauneuf du Pape at Chili's.

- from Bush's personal perspective, he felt called by God to lead us to war after 9/11. if only God had called him on 9/10 and told him the nation's defenses were hopelessly inadequate against surprise attack. Bush chose to make his presidency the war presidency.. and so all the other shit that happened was his fault, not something that just happened to him.

- from a governance perspective, Bush's wars distracted him from doing much of anything else and, once no WMDs were found in Iraq, hindered his ability to lead effectively. Contrast this with LBJ, another president widely defined by (1) being bullheaded (2) being texan and (3) leading us deeper into unnecessary conflict. But, LBJ at least saw the Civil Rights Act passed, saw Medicare passed, etc. What has Bush done beyond war? he couldn't get his views across on immigration, and in the vacuum that should have been his leadership some of the ugliest demonstrations of US racism in my adult lifetime have occurred against Mexicans. He has showed a lack of leadership on the environment, at a time when the rest of the industrialized world is trying to take meaningful steps against global warming. He did get Medicare Part D passed, but that was before the true understanding of the boondoggle in Iraq was known.

- in the end, I believe Bush has taught the US electorate a lesson they ought to have already known but lost sight of: a smart president getting a BJ from a fat intern is a hell of a lot better than a dumb president invading a country for no good reason.

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wow thanks tomaz

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thats pretty funny and true.

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be sure and let me know what grade we get

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be sure and let me know what grade we get

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