View Full Version : Coachella Radio (erockster) anyone still listening?

05-05-2008, 06:32 PM
I'm originally from the Coachella Valley, so while in town for Coachella I was especially dissapointed to find that the only decent indie radio station there was replaced by a sub par 80's pop station..... Spurred by this I went on a search to find a replacement radio station for my presets which is when I found Coachella "Pirate" radio. I had completely forgotten they even did this, was their any advertisement for it this year? There should of been because I liked damn near every song they played. Since then I've been listening to the station online (www.erockster.com) and have found it to be one of the better online radio stations outside of rhapsody's premium stations, apparently it's also available on high def. radios.

Is anyone else still listening to erockster? Or do you have another favorite online Radio station?