View Full Version : CHOOCH-U gave me a bracelet during Roger Waters...

05-01-2008, 03:43 PM
Lol...i think u said your name was chooch!

I have no idea if u come on these boards,but if anyone reading this knows of chooch-have him find me!

It was my Birthday sunday,and during Roger Waters you turned around and high fived me a couple times thru the first half od the set. We ended up talking a bit,and you gave me a bracelet that your friend had gotten for you in Cambodia and you had been wearing it for over two years and said it was time to pass it on. we talked a bit and I then told u it was my birthday,and it was truly amongst the most beautiful moments in my life.

I regret fully not exchanging information with you,and even looked for you at Chromeo later on(who u left roger waters to see).

It would be awesome if you or one of your friends sees this!!