View Full Version : Driving From Coachella

02-02-2007, 06:47 PM
Here's what I wanna do. I wanna find 3 or 4 really cool people (one of which could be you), rent a vehicle, leave on the 21st, and spend the week making our way down through california. Then we will drop off the rental in Indio or wherever the closest rental place is, and have the weekend of a lifetime at Coachella.

Then I wanna fly back on monday. (Check Alaska Airlines, the rates aren't too shabby.) It'd be cheaper than driving the car back.

Anyways add me joelminns@hotmail.com if you are serious about the above. Make it happen!

PS: the schedule can be flexible... we can even drive back after flying down or whatever. If one of you has a reliable car, we can save on rental costs, and obviously the owner pays a lot less for gas than the rest of us.