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02-02-2007, 01:40 PM
Since alot of foreigners are swimming they're way across the pond to come to this quite frankly, marvelous festival, the only valid ID most of us will be carrying is a passport.

Now, if we lose or our passports are stolen at the campsite...we're fucked.

i was thinking that i would be alot wiser if we were allowed to take a photocopy of our passport (full color of course) just for our own anxiety's sake.

I really dont want to lose my passport and be thrown into american prisons.



02-02-2007, 01:44 PM
Erm - you need valid photo ID - No copies as far as i am aware - not too hard to forge a photocopy.

02-02-2007, 01:45 PM
muthafuck...i knew i should have got a drivers liscense.
oh well, you steal my passport, i will murder you

02-02-2007, 01:55 PM
Don't you need a real passport to get in the country.

02-02-2007, 01:55 PM
you're kinda fucked if you lose your passport, yes. Just make sure you have the address of your country's local embassy. They should each have an office in LA

02-02-2007, 01:57 PM
Don't you need a real passport to get in the country.

yeah, but i would leave the real one in my cousins apartment.

02-02-2007, 01:57 PM

02-02-2007, 03:06 PM
I was just wondering the same thing, if you've to pick up your tickets at 'Will Call', could you use a UK drivers license (which has a colour photo on it)?

02-02-2007, 03:23 PM
You might be able to make a color photocopy of your passport at Kinko's (or some other photo copying place), and try to make it look like a passport. I doubt the security knows what every country's passport looks like. I made a copy of my passport to leave at home for security when I travelled to England years ago. (I left the copy at home in case something happened to my passport abroad).

02-02-2007, 04:04 PM
i just dont know wether it will be considered valid at the camp site.

02-02-2007, 04:56 PM
You'll be okay people, I'd carry it with you at all times though. Not that I've ever had a problem with theft at the campsite, just to be safe.

02-02-2007, 05:03 PM
welcome to america

02-02-2007, 05:23 PM
Just keep it on you. You'll never know whats going to happen. You might need it

02-02-2007, 05:27 PM
I just wish there were bloody lockers! If there were lockers (like every other music festival practically ever) you would be able to put your passport away and forget about it for the rest of the festival.
Not only that but what if you lose your other 2 tickets on the first night? I mean, wtf! Wristbands! 3day and 1day wristbands. It's rather easy. Give ticket - get wristband - no need to worry about whether you are actually going to be at saturday and sunday.

I REALLY hope there are lockers :-S

02-02-2007, 05:49 PM
There are never lockers.

02-02-2007, 09:53 PM
Jeepers. I'd never leave a passport in my tent. Anywhere. :(

My best advice: a photocopy of the passport and license at home with a trusted, **readily available** loved one or friend. Another photocopy of passport and (whichever country's) drivers license with you -- this can stay in tent (best well-hidden, please).

Passport, driver's license, tickets to Fri., Sat. and Sun. -- place into ziploc baggie to avoid dampening with sweat. Find a secured (tethered) travel wallet/hidden waist pouch/neck pouch (try travelsmith.com under 'accessories' for examples) and get one, and wear it. $15-$25 U.S. dollars; if you're handy, you could probably make one with natural hemp fibers 'n stuff. ;)

Yep. It's verrrrryyy uncool. And a drag. But missing camping/festival days or your flight, and having to find out where your embassy is, and begging for help, is a MUCH BIGGER drag.

Wish there was a better, more secure place for all y'all. But safest is gonna be, with you. :)

Carlo Von Sexron
02-03-2007, 03:07 AM
I assume some of you are referring to purchasing alcohol too. If you are, here's some advice. I'm a restaurant/bar manager in AZ and I deal with this shit on an almost daily basis.
If you want to purchase alcohol you need to have a legal form of ID. A photocopy of your passport (or any other document for that matter) is NOT a valid form of ID. I'm sorry that you don't want to carry your passport around, but that doesn't mean you can be served alcohol. It's the law!
To all foreigners who are coming to Coachella that want to purchase alcohol, whether at the festival or just in California in general...Search and find a list of legal forms of ID that are acceptable to purchase alcohol in the state. Odds are for most of you, a passport is the only thing you have. Your foreign drivers license won't work either. Only US and Canadian licenses are accepted (here in AZ anyways).
So unless you go somewhere that doesn't check your ID or you get a server/bartender/cashier who doesn't know what they're doing, don't plan on drinking without your passport.
Remember...the people who you are buying alcohol from don't make the law. They just need to follow it. Nobody wants to lose their job, get fined, and have their establishment lose their liquor license just because some foreigner didn't bring their passport.

02-03-2007, 03:11 AM
My passport will spend the length of the festival in a buttoned or zipped pocket in my shorts. It will not leave my person for even a second.