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04-27-2008, 03:55 PM
this thread is dedicated to all the "almost" moments of coachella. post your stories and/or pictures here!!!

(and sorry if this has been done before :P)


it's funny, during the drive down jackson saturday afternoon, i started wondering about all the ALMOSTchella-ers. ya know, the people you see walking miles away in a smiths shirt, or the broken down cars, or the people stuck outside the gate waiting for their friends since they got kicked out; and i wanted to hear all their stories.

well, turns out we had a story of our own saturday! my girlfriend and i got there around 1 and wandered around. everything we saw that looked interesting, we stopped to check out. and it's a good thing we did because while we were dancing to DeVotchKa, my girlfriend sprained her ankle!!!

she fell back and just knew she wasn't getting up anytime soon. so i got first aid, they hobbled her over and iced things up. but man, her ankle looked like it had a golf ball growing out the side right away! they put a splint on her ankle. it was total macgyver style too. they folded a box panel into thirds and then folded it like an L so it fit like a boot on her ankle. they also lined it with maxi-pads so that they could put the ice-pack in there and that way the water that leaked would be absorbed. then they wrapped the whole thing in saran wrap. we knew she wasn't going to be doing anymore dancing and so she was taken by ambulance to the hospital. so i drove her car down there, and it's a good thing i drive stick too!!!

apparently my friend overheard another person in the waiting room at the eisenhower medical center bitching about the wait and blaming it on all the danged coachella people, LOL! they did x-rays and she was released about 9. our hotel was in blythe. we're from arizona and booked at the last minute since we were only there for saturday to see portishead, so we had a bit of a drive from the hospital. we had some beers at the hotel and watched selena. we were heartbroken!!!







thankfully it wasn't broken and the first aid/local EMT people were all super friendly and got my friend to the hospital safe and sound, but man, missing portishead and prince SUCKS!!!! ah well, guess it'll be an excuse to travel this year :)


so, i want to hear all the other "almost" coachella experiences from over the years. be it that you never even left your state or you just missed the one band you really wanted to see due to some crazy circumstance, POST ABOUT IT HERE! :p