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04-20-2008, 10:31 PM
So which online music store do you go to most often? I use an iPod so I use the iTunes store as long as the tracks are iTunes plus, otherwise I use Amazon.com's MP3 store, and then Beatport if I can't find it at Amazon.

If you use something else, choose "other" and tell us what you use.

04-20-2008, 10:34 PM

04-21-2008, 07:04 AM
iTunes is the WORST. Here's why:

iTunes has DRM and typically only offers songs at AAC 128 kbps bitrate. Yeah, their catalog is pretty good, but the sound quality is not good enough for DJ applications. Further, because of the DRM, their songs cannot play on Serato.

Amazon is my choice for most mainstream rock/pop. 256 kbps bitrate, no DRM, many songs/albums are cheaper.

For electronic, Beatport is really all I will do. Or Juno. 320 kbps MP3, no DRM. Songs are pricey, but I could care less. Its much cheaper than buying vinyl at 10-13 bucks per record, and that was even more ass if the B-side sucked.

And no, I don't need DRM free songs to provide to all of my friends, I enjoy the flexibility to put it on my different devices. And I can't use DRM protected tracks on Serato.

05-17-2008, 04:09 PM