View Full Version : Desperately seeking ride back to the bay area on Monday

04-19-2008, 02:01 PM
I've had tons of people flake on me these last couple of weeks, but I'm still looking for a ride BACK to the Bay Area anytime on Monday after the fest. My ride to coachella has to leave on Sunday night and I am definitely not going to miss out on Sunday night. I have gas money. I am staying in Palm Desert, but can meet anywhere around the venue (campsite, wherever).

If you're not from the bay and are just heading up north (norcal, oregon, washington) that works too.. I can get dropped off anywhere on the 1-5 or 101 as long as it's near the bay (preferrably near a bart station, but I know the 5 only gets as close as tracy, which can work too)

please contact me asap. jakewc151@sbcglobal.net