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04-02-2008, 05:04 PM
this is a post on my blog, http://gqeq.blogspot.com/ , and I thought i would prob get more readers here. but i listen to music in itunes, and give it a star rating, and this is an article about that. if you have any comments about it, please go to my blog and leave comments, as all this is for a class im taking on podcasting and it would really help. but here is the article:

I have officially reached the mark where I have reviewed and kept 30 days of continuous music, which if you were wondering, is 720 hours of music. I would have reached this milestone much faster if I had not lost my mp3 collection during my sophomore year of high school, or had my little brother reset my iTunes last December in which I lost about 2 days worth of reviewed music. Too many times I have lost reviewed music, but today I reached a major milestone in reviewing-music history. It has gone into overdrive since I began listening to dance music during my year off and began dj'ing. Here is how I rate the songs:

5 stars- a perfect song, and my favorite songs of all time. Ethereal audio. These are very very hard to come by, in fact, I don't think that I have given out a 5 star rating in more than a year. In order for a song to be considered, it must either have been played 200+ times on iTunes, or it must remind me of a time in my life. There are 35 different songs that have be given a 5 star rating, out of 7323 songs that I have officially reviewed (and if you count all the stuff I have deleted, it would probably be closer to 15000 songs. I delete a lot of music; if I don't like it or see no use for it dj'ing, it gets deleted.), so only .48% of my songs I considered perfect (not counting duplicates I have of some of the 5 star songs). Here is a complete list of 5 star songs:

Bad Ronald- Let's Begin
Blur- Song 2
Blur- Parklife
Blur- Country House
The Clipse- Grindin'
The Clipse- When the Last Time
Coldplay- Yellow
The Crystal Method- Name of the Game
Dave Brubeck- Take Five
Foo Fighters- Everlong
George Michael- Freedom '90
Kasabian- Club Foot
Lo-Fidelity Allstars- Battleflag (ft. Pigeonhead)
Mobb Deep- Getaway
Modjo- Lady (Hear me Tonight)
N.E.R.D.- Lapdance
Nas- New York State of Mind Part 1 and 2
Oasis- D'you Know What I Mean?
Oasis- Wonderwall
Oasis- Wonderwall (MTV Unplugged)
Oasis- Morning Glory
Oasis- Champagne Supernova
Phantom Planet- California
The Pharcyde- Passing Me By
Pitch Black- It's all Real
The Prodigy- Breathe
Shyne- Bad Boyz
Stardust- Music Sounds Better with You
Sublime- Doin' Time
Take That- Back for Good
Third Eye Blind- Jumper
Travis- Writing to Reach You
Travis- The Fear
The Verve- Bittersweet Symphony

and one day I expect to add Blur- Beetlebum and Digitalism- Pogo to that list.

4 Stars- Excellent songs. I wouldn't consider these songs perfect, but they are very very good. A good example would be Air's "Playground Love". I love this song, and consider it borderline perfect, but it doesn't seem to have that moment that I associate it with, so I can't quite put it up there. One day, I think some of these songs will join the 5 star list, but most of them are just excellent.

3 Stars- Good songs. These are the songs that I listen to the most. It's pretty simple: if I like a song upon first listen, it is given 3 stars. After a few months I may even give it 4 stars. But it would have to be a couple years for it to achieve 5 star status. These are the songs I usually listen to on a daily basis.

2 Stars- Tolerable songs. The biggest category. Songs that I wouldn't seek out, but they aren't bad, and worth keeping around. Enjoyable, but I don't usually listen to these songs.

1 Star- Crap. I never really listen to these, or they are things like acapellas for dj'ing that I wouldn't consider a real song. These are only kept around to keep complete albums, and only for albums that I would want to have complete. Say there is a crappy song on a Primal Scream or Massive Attack album; I wouldn't delete it because I would like to have their whole albums, but at the same time I don't want to listen to this song again in my lifetime. 99% of all 1 star songs are deleted upon first listen, but if I need to have the complete album, I'll give it 1 star and just ignore it.

The 30 days of continuous music consists of 7323 pieces of music (there are songs, dj tools, and dj mixes all in there). Of that:
52 are 5 star songs (.55% of the time, .71% of the songs)
443 are 4 star songs (5.4% of the time, 6% of the songs)
2950 are 3 star songs (46.4% of the time, 40% of the songs)
3730 are 2 star songs (45.8% of the time, 50.9% of the songs)
148 are 1 star songs (1.8% of the time, 2% of the songs)

As you can see, I take this stuff pretty seriously. I think it is very important that not only have I heard a shit ton of music, and different music, but also that I rate the songs very harshly. If you review songs and have hundreds of songs that you consider perfect, then you better have heard tens of thousands of songs over the years. There is a lot of crap out there, and I only keep what I like. I've lost my rating and mp3's countless times, but this is probably the most I have every reviewed at any time. If things had not been lost over they years, I would guess I would have close to 40 days of music reviewed by now. And I would also guess that I have probably listened to and deleted roughly 20 days worth of music since I began dj'ing, as 80% of the stuff you listen to is either shit or useless to you as a DJ. What can I say is that I listen to a lot of music. And if anyone has reviewed more than me, I would love to know about it.