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03-02-2008, 12:48 AM
I just heard this cover today. I don't know if it's new or not...but it's Radiohead's Creep covered by/layered with, I don't know what it's called...but you know when there are those groups of men that sing in different harmonies and they sing songs for Valentine's day or Christmas day or something, and if you watch the US version of The Office, these guys appeared one time, yeah it was like that, but with Radiohead's Creep. It sounds pretty awesome...sorry for the horrible sentence structure.

Does anyone know the cover I'm talking about and if you do could you provide me with the link?

Thanks so muuuch! NEVERMIND I found it thanks. =)

03-02-2008, 12:57 AM

seriously, no idea. sorry.

03-02-2008, 12:58 AM
Oh the Rockapella version?

03-02-2008, 01:01 AM
Do you happen to have the song or a link to it so I can hear if that's the version? I tried to look it up but I can't find the "rockapella" version...

03-02-2008, 01:06 AM
OH nvm...acapella version, I found it! I searched it on hype and listened to all the ones except for this one 'cause I kept thinking acoustic. Thanks!

03-11-2008, 04:42 PM
I cannot find this song version.

03-11-2008, 04:45 PM
I cannot find this song version.

boo hoo

03-11-2008, 04:46 PM
I am very, very confused.

03-11-2008, 04:47 PM
you mean barber shop quartet style? Like on scrubs?

03-11-2008, 04:47 PM
I think the guy was looking for a Barbershop Quartet-ish version of Creep, then found it, but now Ken can't find it.

03-11-2008, 04:58 PM
This thread makes my brain hurt