View Full Version : Nice place to stay within 7 miles

Texmex Jose
03-01-2008, 02:30 PM
I have a three bedroom condo at Worldmark Resorts with beds for rent. The resort is very nice and the location is very close to Coachella entrance. It accomadates 8 people. I have it only for Sat and Sun night. Check in 4pm Sat and out noon Mon. I am charging $80 per person per night. It has full kitchen with cookware, dining area, patio and grill. The master bedroom has its own bathroom, king bed, and tv. I will probably rent this for $90 per because I have a conflict and probably cant go this year.
Those who are interested should research the resort, there are many others on thread also staying same resort. I expect much interest because I got a lot last year especially at last second. I will most likely only accept those wanting to stay both nights and pay up front on Sat when we meet. Going to be very busy until Sunday March 16th so please have patience if my responce time slow. If very aggressive and interested can call my cell no prob but please leave vmail with callback number and best time to callback.
323 545 7281.

03-01-2008, 05:22 PM
can the chek in be earlier than that? cause checking in on saturday after 4 pm will kill almos half a day of the festival with the lines and traffic so if it can be earlier let me know thanks

Texmex Jose
03-02-2008, 11:09 PM
Unfortunately, all I can say is maybe. Their official check in is 4 but I know there is a good chance a little earlier but best case scenario 2 ish. I will try to get room for Friday as well but not until week before show. Chances so so willl be available. If I do better for everyone.
If nothing changes and you still interested, stay in touch. I will probably be willing to meet earlier and put stuff for you in room when open and set up your room entrance after. I know there are many trust and stranger issues with this but I trust THIS message board and also taking some risk so best thoughts I have on that. Take your time, think and after I get back from vacation March 15 would be able to assess better.