View Full Version : The Atomosphere @ Music Festivals in Germany and everywhere else in Europe

02-10-2008, 05:55 AM
the line-up for Coachella is amazing and I'm definitely going to check it out next year when I'm back in the states but no alchohol!! that sucks
I've been in Germany for 6 years and I've gone to Rock im park (2 times) going again this year, Southside festival, and Highfield Festival.
Pukkel pop in Belgium is awesome too but I haven't been.
Sure the line-up isn't as big is Germany but the scene is amazing.
Camping is always included with the ticket which is wayy cheaper than fests in the states.

Basically everyone is camping!! and it's set up in organized grids for pathways there's a designated shower area, water faucets for gallon refills, bathrooms (well portable).
Camping areas are self-decorated with tall flags so you can find your own site, slogans, etc.
ALCOHOL is allowed in the campsite. At the concert site about 20 minutes or so walking from the camp you can't bring alchohol but only juice cartoons but fests are always sponsored by atleast one beer company.. and inside the stage areas there are beer/food etc stands. There are drugs mostly weed which is legal to carry up to 3 grams(?) but no one really checks, you can get tatoos, music/accessories side shops are near the stages.
There's always 'disco' tenst well I guess you could say rock clubs/bars all over.
Even with all of the drinking, partying, moshing etc. it's relatively safe.. unless you look for trouble. There are a few security guards on golf carts driving around on the paths and aid stations but thats all.
I notice europeans are more tamed to alchohol than alot of americans -drunks are relatively 'friendly' and everyone's having a good times partying..
building totem poles with torches at the top out of empty beer kegs piled up and taped together and so on.
The also have incentives for cleaning up at the end of fest: they give you token at the entrance of the campsite with two big trash empty bags.. if you turn them in filled at the end (which is difficult to fill unless picking up trash while walking around) you get 5 euros back.