View Full Version : On-site food/vendor question

01-30-2008, 01:23 PM
The on-site camping page Q&A states the food vendors start on Friday at noon. Does that mean all of us on-site campers are on our own when it comes to eating on Thurs night or is the Q&A info incorrect??

psychic friend
01-30-2008, 01:26 PM
still waiting for the word.. site will be updated before the show. always check back for updates as things are subject to change.


psychic friend
01-30-2008, 03:31 PM
Here is the lastest for onsite camping:

Thursday Noon - 2am
Friday-Sunday 7am - 2pm & 9pm - 2am.
Monday Coffee Bar open 7am-10am.

Clubhouse Bar
Thursday 4pm - Midnight
Friday-Sunday 7am - 2pm (Bloodymary bar) & 9pm - 2am.

Karaoke @ the Clubhouse - Thursday - 8pm - midnight.

01-30-2008, 07:12 PM
Thanks PF, good info.