View Full Version : now the fun begins

01-22-2008, 10:18 AM
ive been waiting for this since the end of last coachella. it goes sort of like this:

1)starts by scanning the lineup for bands/djs i sort of know, but dont have any music from them. then i go download their music.

2)i ask around on the message board for suggestions about bands/djs on the lineup that i dont know about, then check out youtube videos and download albums music from the acts i like (and even some i dont like, just to be open minded).

3)after steps 1 & 2, i have a TON of good new music, so much in fact that i pretty much only listen to coachella artists for the next 3 months, which only helps to get me more and more pumped for coachella. to make it easier, what i do is create a genre in itunes called coachella, and i change the genre tag of all the coachella artists mp3's in my library, so its easy to find coachella music. my library is already really organized, so it makes this task easier. sometimes i select the whole coachella genre and just put it on random.

oh man, i love this time of year!

ps. jack johnson is gay ;)