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01-21-2008, 05:58 PM
Like a good majority here, I am pretty stunned by the shitiness of this year's bill. I've flown from London three times in the past to attend, but now live in California - I'd thought it would take illness to stop me from going this year and reserved hotel rooms in October in anticipation. There was no was going to miss out this year, that was until today.

I am sure the festival will be a "success" commrcially, etc., but it just seems to have let down a lot of it's core fans. I think as a group, we are pretty loyal to the festival, in a way that's pretty rare (and special as far as these things go)....so it takes a lot to shake that confidence. I also know the standards have always been high and that it's difficult to maintain that, but this bill is just so watered down and uninspired.

I'm curious.... out of the repeat offenders here, how many were 99% sure that they would go, until the saw the line-up?