View Full Version : Fly Ass Bay Queen needs a ghost ride!

Gonja Queen
01-27-2007, 10:53 PM
I am black female by the name of Sedina and is 19 years old. I work at Chevy's. I go to Skyline Community College in the SCO majoring in Arabic and I need a ride to Coachella. I'm up for anything and anyone, it really doesn't matter. I love expiramenting. I am very afro-centric. I LOVE greenery, I can roll and I own a fat pipe. I do not discriminate because as you could probably tell I am of Ghanian descent so that makes me a very strong and beautiful person. So let's cut to the chase, who's down to ride the freedom train to Indio? Hit this bitch up!

P.S. I live anywhere in the bay so let me know where you are coming from and I will get my ass over there. Just reply because I will literally be standing here and waiting at my computer for any responses.

02-11-2007, 05:58 AM
I'm looking for travel buddies since my people are now dropping out. anyone willing to split costs. if i get enough people i'll rent a bigger vehicle, otherwise it will be only me and one other person in my 2 door honda prelude. i'm in san jose so i figure anyone from the bay area down to santa cruz could ride with me or vice versa. i want to leave thursday morning, but can wait till thursday late afternoon if need be. come back on monday unless anyone wants to check out L.A. or San Diego since we are going to be out that way already. If anyone is interested just get back at me.