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09-28-2007, 03:06 PM
for those of you that are viking fans (everyone?)
the dude just has learned their will be a new widespread fictional book series called Beyond: The Series, about a modern day Viking.
from amazon:
In this series, the main boy character moves to Newfoundland, where he learns that he's one of the last remaining Vikings in the world-(First Book).
In the second novel, he learns the ways of the Vikings that are the new and old ways. These include various different forms of combat training to research skills. In this book, the main character begins a journey across the world in search for The Land of Legends, a place which is the reason why the Vikings first come to North America a thousand years ago. What he finds is a place similar to the tree of life, offering true immortality.
The next few books takes place in the future.
These are about what the main character and his fellowship do in order to save the world from catastrophe.
Interesting plot line, perhaps

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Is the title of the thread the band New Viking Book Series, and the thread content is the title of their CD?

Or did you just do it wrong?

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this thread should be in the other lounge, its actually a book series, not music related

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i thought this was about football