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09-16-2007, 12:06 AM
Tonight was my first experience with All Tomorrow's Parties "Don't Look Back" series. I got to the venue early to buy a ticket and found out that Flipper was opening. I have heard they rule very much. But I really didn't want to sit around in the Fonda for 2 hours, so I walked to Borders and Amoeba instead. I bought a bunch of CDs which I really shouldn't have but whatever. These include:

Chapterhouse - Whirlpool
Mark Eitzel - West
Go-Betweens - 16 Lovers Lane
The Kills - No Wow
Konono No. 1 - Live at Coleur Cafe
The Lemonheads - Car Button Cloth
The Sword - Age Of Winters

Anyway, the Melvins went on about 9:30. Buzz's hair was all afro-y and he was wearing a black druid outfit. The bass player was wearing a kimono and had his hair in a bun. They had two drummers. They played Houdini in its entirety. It was really really loud and really really sludgy. I love that record, but it almost got to the point where it blurred together. This didn't really hinder the enjoyment, however. They were really heavy. They ended with "Spread Eagle Beagle" of course, and this include a 10+ minute drum solo with both drummers. A roadie came out and started playing a tom as well. It was most excellent.

Mudhoney came on about 10:45 and played all of Superfuzz Bigmuff. They rock extremely hard. They're kind of funny, because they all look extremely normal and even dorky but they're playing this crazy proto-punk dirty rock n' roll music. Mark Arm has a great voice, and their drummer really stood out with his ability. They were louder than shit too. They encored with 3 songs, the last of which was dedicated to the MC5's Wayne Kramer and another guy in the band (his name escapes me) who were evidently at the show. Some guy named Fred something (I also can't remember his name, whatev) sang on the last song as well. He had dreadlocks. They were really really good, and I'd love to see them in a small club. Oh yeah, Touch Me I'm Sick is an amazing opening song. And when Mark ditched the guitar for the last few songs, he ran around basically like a less confrontational Iggy Pop. The Stooges comparisons are inevitable, but its not derivative.

Other thoughts:

-Glad I wore earplugs. Both bands were very loud.

-That's a pretty small room for Justice.

-Watching people mosh is fun. They were really going at it at certain portions of the show

-Both these bands are awesome

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09-17-2007, 03:08 PM
Hah, i boned out after Melvins played because i figured they were headlining. Melvins are the shit! Just in case you didnt know. The bassist and second drummer are a band themselves called Big Business, and they RULE. but ya, Big Business has actually fused together with the melvins. They put out a record together last year called A Senile Animal. you should most def check it out. the double drumming killsss

09-17-2007, 03:33 PM
i am almost ashamed to admit it, but that lol cat lived up to its name.

btw fred whatev = keith morris (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Keith_Morris)...from the circle jerks / black flag / fuck yeah fest fame.