View Full Version : 2 Arcade Fire tix 9/21 Shoreline sec 101 row N

09-12-2007, 05:04 PM
EDIT: sold em...nvm.

I bought (from an ebayer) two AF tickets for the 9/21 show at the Shoreline. So, a couple of days after I win the auction, the seller contacts me and lets me know that he's made a mistake...he thought those tickets that I purchased were in his inventory and it turned out they weren't. So he was letting me have the option to either give me a refund or let him find me other tickets. I gave him the option to find me other tickets.

Then, in the meantime, I started panicking. So I bought two more tickets from another ebayer. So today I get home and I discover that the first buyer did end up finding me tickets to replace the first ones I had bought. So now I'm stuck with two sets of tickets.

I'm keeping the first set I bought but I need to unload the second set. They're section 101, row N, seats 11-12 (which I hear is near the center aisle) I paid $40 total for both of them so that's what I'm asking. So basically, it's two for the price of one. It's not a definate yet because I want to have the other tickets in hand before I sell these-but I'm willing to FedEx them to you overnight or even meet you at the venue to do the exchange that way.

PM me if interested.