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09-07-2007, 12:39 AM
They played the Echo tonight. I've been excited for this show for awhile, but tonight i was so tired I almost didn't go. My roommate and I decided very last minute that we should just sack up and do it. We wound up there at 9:45, and i was afraid it would be sold out. We got inside, and there were maybe 80 people there tops. The first band that played, Secretary Bird, was fairly entertaining. They had a couple songs that built to really intense climaxes, and those were fantastic, but most of them seemed more like atmosphere music than anything astonishing. During their set, a short man in a cowboy style hat with a small pointy goatee stood directly in front of us. My roommate and i looked at eachother and remarked upon his impeccable style.

Next up was Golden Boots. They came on and immediately started to groove. They reminded me of a more countrified version of Pavement, and that made me very happy. Both singers were entertaining, and they really raised the energy of the show. All in all, they were a fantastic addition.

Magnolia Electric Co. came on next. The band was soundchecking with full songs, and then Molina walked out. He was, to our surprise, the short man in the cowboy hat. They soundchecked with one more track then segued right into the opening number, a barnstorming electric burner. They built up the energy for a few songs, trading guitar solos and generally creating an intense atmosphere. After that, they brought down the mood with a series of downtempo tracks, featuring slide and steel guitars, and, on one song, trumpet. There was a decent mix of new songs from the box set and older tracks, mostly ranging from the Songs: Ohia-Magnolia Electric Company album. They closed the set with I've Been Riding with the Ghost, and it was haunting, intense, electric and amazing. One of the best songs I've ever seen live. In short, see Magnolia Electric Co. if they're in your town, and you won't be disappointed.

09-07-2007, 12:57 AM
I wish I could have gone.

09-07-2007, 06:53 AM
me, too.