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09-03-2007, 10:47 AM
Earthdance, N. Cali Sept 14-16th

Earthdance Festival will take place at the renowned Black Oak Ranch, a property rich in native history and old growth oak trees. The ranch is also home to many well known activists and artists, including Wavy Gravy's Camp Winarainbow for children. For 2007, Earthdance Northern California will unite with over 350 locations in 60 countries across the world to create the most conscious global festival of our time.

The Earthdance Northern California Festival will bring together an unprecedented lineup of conscious musicians, visual artists, DJ's, speakers and activists, who believe in a sustainable future for our planet. Working with the theme of "unity in diversity," the festival will host five music stages and will feature high profile conscious artists from many genres of the international music scene, including world, electronica, hip-hop, folk and jazz. Also included will be an indigenous elder's council, made up of indigenous elders from many nations, who will share wisdom and sacred ceremony.

A highlight of the festival will be a synchronized global link up, taking place on Saturday 9/16, when at 4 p.m. (PST), Earthdance California will synchronize with over 350 locations in 60 countries. At this precise moment, a specially created song called the "prayer for peace" will be played in every location at the same time. The prayer will be followed by our 2007 initiative, H2Om, the world's largest synchronized global Om.


Zap Mama
Medeski, Scofield, Martin & Wood
Les Nubians
Don Carlos
Lyrics Born
The Coup
Heavyweight Dub Champion (feat. Dr. Israel)
New Monsoon
Zilla (feat. Michael Travis (SCI), Jamie Janover and Aaron Holstein)
Kevens (feat. Galaxy Girl)
Jah Sun & the Lion Camp (feat. Ishi Dube & Ras Attitude)
Alfred Howard & the K23 Orchestra
Goddess Alchemy Project
Larisa Stow & Shakti Tribe
Sila & the Afro Funk Experience
Tazmanian Devils
Kingdom Travelers Gospel Choir
Yard Dogs Road Show
Lost Coast Marimbas


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the world's largest synchronized global Om.


Wheres the beef?
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Woa! Don Carlos? FUCK YES! He is on my "must see before they die" list.

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Don Carlos is great.

When was the last time Black Uhuru original lineup played together?

Wheres the beef?
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don carlos solo > black uhuru imo

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Thanks spammer

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Yes thank you spammer for posting this barely 10 days in advance to get some more tree huggers to attend.

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how can anything in the Coachella Lounge forum possibly be considered spam?