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  1. Louisiana to Coachella
  2. Santa Cruz/Bay Area to Indio... and back.
  3. Anybody driving to Coachella 2010 from Calgary!?
  4. Ride from Palm Springs airport to Coachella & back...anyone help?
  5. Driving from Idaho and have room for 3 people and gear
  6. Leaving from LA Thursday!
  7. San Diego to Coachella Leaving Thursday Returning Sunday 2 Spots
  8. Ride From Ontario (ONT) Available
  9. Need a Ride...Bay Area
  10. need a ride from irvine an back
  11. Ride from Chicago to Coachella and back
  13. Carpooling!
  14. room for three - south orange county area
  15. Ride to Vegas after Coachella
  16. I'm driving from LA to Coachella....
  17. Cheapest way from Baltimore to Coachella?
  18. Need a ride from Woodland Hills, CA area to Indio!
  19. anyone driving from LA to COACHELLA??
  20. San Francisco - Coachella in 10 days
  21. Anyone from LA to Coachella??
  22. El Monte to Coachella only Sat.
  24. need a ride from the Ontario Ca airport?
  25. AtoBme.com: Hitch-A-Ride and Carpool Network
  26. International students traveling from Nebraska!
  27. I need a ride to/from Los Angeles
  28. Carpool from LAX -> Coachella (Hotel Too)
  29. carpool from missouri/midwest?
  30. San Diego To Coachella! :)
  31. Spots for 2 from Bay Area to Coachella (Leaving Thursday, back Mon)
  32. The Official 2010 Coachella Party Train: Amtrak Coast Starlight #11, April 14-15
  33. Carpooling after the show to Palm Springs
  34. We need a ride (one guy one girl), you tell us what works for you!
  35. Santa Cruz..or california bay area , 2 pleaseee :))
  36. Carpool PHX to Coachella/Camp/and back
  37. SLC caravan to COACHELLA..
  38. Need a ride from Eugene (U of Oregon)
  39. Driving to coachella from portland, stopping by eugene as well
  40. Driving from LAX to Coachella Thurs night..
  41. Looking for a ride from PSP on friday
  42. LAX to Indio
  43. Need roundtrip ride from Santa Cruz to Indio
  44. Anyone leaving for LAX Sunday night?
  45. Lake Havasu City
  46. From Coachella to LAX on Sunday night os monday morning
  47. Carpool from Phoenix, AZ to Coachella - 3 spots
  48. Sacramento Area to Coachella Charter Bus!!! 50 SEATS AVAILABLE
  49. Need a ride from PSP to Coachella Valley!
  50. LAX to Coachella please
  51. **Minnesota Carpool-tacular**
  52. Getting a Van from Monterey to Coachella!
  53. San Diego to Coachella
  54. LA to Indio (from Argentina!)
  55. Sacramento to Indio
  56. A ride from LAX on thursday?
  57. palm springs airport to coachella!
  58. Miami, FL - All the Way to Coachella -->>
  59. Palm Springs to Indio or bust!
  60. Carpool from LAX to Coachella
  61. 3 People need ride LAX to Coachella
  62. Looking to ride from Kansas
  63. Coachella to Toronto (or as close as possible)?
  64. San Diego to Coachella-3 seats
  65. Stockton/Lodi
  66. Looking for a ride from LAX to the fest, anytime Thurs
  67. To/From LAX Thursday/Monday
  68. Ride from/to OTN
  69. Ride to/from San Diego Airport Thurs./Mon. pretty please
  70. Ride Las Vegas-Coachella-San Francisco
  71. Anyone going to Joshua Tree on Thursday?
  72. From Los Angeles OR to San Francisco?
  73. British Championship Quidditch Guys need a ride from LA
  74. Need Ride from Palm Springs Airport to Coachella - Friday AM
  75. anyone traveling from europe
  76. Ride from USC/LA to Coachella on Thurs (2 of us)
  77. palm springs train station to campground, 5:30 am?
  78. carpoolchellaC
  79. Ride from Palm Springs or Bermuda Dunes Airport
  80. South Orange county to Coachella, have open seats
  81. San fernando Valley to Coachella!
  82. Need a ride/accomo?? Vegas>G.Canyon>Phoenix(maybe)>PS<>Coachella<>PS>Ve gas
  83. Texas - Flying
  84. I-10 W police checkpoints?
  85. Costa Rica Needs You!!!
  86. 4 need a ride, fri sat & sun
  87. i have open spots in my car im comeing from high desert and orange county area
  88. Oakland to Indio!
  89. Carpool Colorado
  90. Travelling alone from NC on my 21st bday wknd--need ride to and from LAX!
  91. Anyone from St. Louis, MO going?
  92. ISO: Ride to/from LAX/Indio
  93. carpool Anaheim 2 Coachella!2 seats left
  95. is there anyone working stagecoach for their coachella ticket?
  96. Canada Carpools
  97. LAX?
  98. he y di d need ar ide
  99. looking for CARPOOL from LAX to COACHELLA
  100. anyone driving for van/whistler, bc??
  102. Need a ride to Coachella From SLC, UT
  103. San Diego to Coachella (Need a Ride)
  104. Need a ride? -Will carpool from Phoenix to Coachella
  105. another way to carpool/give/find rides
  106. RIDE OFFER: LAX to INDIO and back
  107. Need 2 more for roadtrip from Dallas. Large van
  108. Calgary to Coachella, room for 2
  109. LAX- flexible arrival and departure
  110. Lookin' for a ride: Ontario airport...good vibes
  111. Thom Yorke in Oakland Wed. 14 > Coachella on Thur. 15
  112. Driving from Edmonton,ALb to Coachella!
  113. Need 2 people for carpool from LAX Thurs afternoon back Mon
  114. Anyone driving down from New Jersey?
  115. Offering 2-3 spots in my car (from South OC)
  116. Who needs a ride from LAX?
  117. Anyone from NJ going?
  118. I need a ride back to LA on Sunday night : / eek
  119. Alguien de Monterrey Mexico ?
  120. Anyone from St. Louis, MO going?
  121. I need a ride from SAN DIEGO!! 1 spot only!
  122. guy looking for car pool seeking 3 people in my car
  123. SD to Coachella, looking for passangers
  124. Private Jet Flying To Cochella
  125. Ontario Airport Rides - Arriving 11pm Thursday
  126. Driving From Montana
  127. Anyone coming from or through AZ?
  128. Berkeley & Back
  129. ride needed from sacramento or san francisco to coachella!
  130. St. Louis, Missouri
  131. Flying south friday morning
  132. Is there a ride to Coachella from Phoenix?
  133. NEEDED: ride from LAX to INDIO!
  134. Car or taxi pooling
  135. LA to INDO
  136. RIDE FROM ONT Airport to Coachella
  137. Shadow Hills / Indian Wells Shuttle - Gauging Interest
  138. Leaving from Fresno,CA on thrusday, looking to meet up with a convoy.
  139. any driving FLORIDIANS!?
  140. Space for 1 more from San Diego to Coachella
  141. Anyone need a ride from the ontario, cali airport?
  142. Need to Ride from LAX to Coachella
  143. Need 2 riders for Carpoolchella
  144. Coachella Valley Rides/Pick-Up - Palm Springs Airport
  145. Need a Ride from Coachella (Palm Springs) To LAX
  146. Need bodies for Salt Lake carpool
  147. Carpool from Vancouver, BC to Coachella
  148. 3 Spots open from Long Beach to Festival
  149. 3 need carpool from LAX to and/or from Coachella
  150. One needs ride from LAX, to LAX
  151. Room for 1 passenger from SD to Coachella!!!
  152. Carpool Spots Available-Wed evening/Monday Morning
  153. room for 3
  154. Carpools: Offer a ride to Coachella? Need a for a ride? PICKUP PAL
  155. 1 needs ride Thursday eve, LAX to Palm Springs
  156. Looking to carpool with fun people from San Francisco!
  158. Eugene Oregon to Bay Area?
  159. Carpool from Palm Springs Airport to Coachella?
  160. Colorado carpool
  161. right off the 101 in grover beach/next to pismo 420 all day and i need a ride!!!
  162. Santa Monica area to Coachella on Thurs 15th
  163. 2 need ride from LAX and back again...
  164. SLO to coachella! I'm looking for a ride...
  165. Las Vegas!!!!!!!
  166. From LA to Coachella
  167. Room for two: from Tucson, AZ to Coachella and back
  168. I have tent spot for you, I need ride from/to LA
  169. ride to the fest
  170. LAX to Coachella Thursday!!
  171. Anyone traveling from San Luis Obispo or above!
  172. looking for a ride from minnesota
  173. Have Room for 3 from LA to Coachella
  174. LA/ Hollywood - Coachella Thurs-Mon Morn Lift seekers
  175. LAX -- Coachella round trip -- Gauging interest
  176. 3 need carpool from LAX to and/or from Coachella
  177. 2 need a ride to and from Ontario Airport
  178. Looking for ride Thursday night--LAX to Coachella
  179. This might sound a bit crazy [MA]
  180. Ride from LAX on 4/15
  181. ride from LA to coachella thursday
  182. San Diego to Coachella 2-3 Seats Open
  183. In inland empire seeking to form carpool in my car.
  184. 2 Spots SD to Coachella and Back
  185. 2 need ride LAX --> Coachella
  186. Looking for a ride from SLC flexable with dates
  187. Room for 3
  188. Twins need a ride from LAX to Coachella Thursday PM of Friday AM
  189. Canadian from the Arctic arriving in LAX Thursday night, looking for a couch and ride
  190. 3 girls need a ride from LAX to coachella and back
  191. Two Kiwis need a ride from LAX
  192. 2 girls need ride LAX to fest.
  193. Offering Ride From/To Palm Springs Airport
  194. i have room for 3
  195. Easy going yet professional couple looking for a ride from San Fran!
  196. Ride from San Fran in style...
  197. Need a ride from ONT airport FRIDAY evening
  198. I Got room for 1 or 2 - Phx to Coachella
  199. Room for 2 or 3 people leaving El Paso, Tx
  200. i have room for three....
  201. need a ride from palm springs airport
  202. Ride from Pasadena
  203. Palm Springs to Coachella
  204. Carpool
  205. From San Fernano, Los Angeles,(and maybe Riverside) to COACHELLA!!
  206. need ride FROM LV and back
  207. Whistler Canada to Coachella 3seats Available
  208. SF/Bay Area Coachella goers pre-music fest meet up?
  209. Anybody staying at the Hyatt Grand?
  210. Need a ride? Chandler/Phoenix Got room for 2 people
  211. Need ride for 1 San Diego/Imperial Beach area.
  212. Need a ride from LA to Coachella on the 15th
  213. 2 Canadians Looking for Ride to and from Coachella (Anaheim/Laguna Beach)
  214. Need a ride from Palms to Las Vegas
  215. Carpool form Arcata, CA (N. CA)
  216. Space Available for Carpool from LA to Coachella
  217. 3 Norwegians from LAX to the festival
  219. LAX to Coachella, 3 seats open
  220. Ride for 2 from Palm Springs airport to coachella
  221. I HAVE ROOM FOR 2 (Palm Springs ---> Coachella) ON THURSDAY @ 2/3 pm
  222. Ride from San Diego on the 15th
  223. Ride from LAX for camping pass?
  224. Have 1 spot open from Davis,CA/Sacramento
  226. Flagstaff, Williams, Grand Canyon area
  227. room for two from LAX Thursday and to LAX Monday--free ride!
  228. need ride from ontario to coachella
  229. Need a ride to coachella??? - I need a car camping pass
  230. Need a ride for 2 From LAX Friday 9 am...Anyone?
  231. carpool from el paso or phoenix
  232. Spots available - LA Area to Coachella (and back) Thursday - Monday
  233. Carpoolchella Girls
  234. SLC to Coachella and back
  235. Need a ride from Denver or somewhere in CO!
  236. I am offering a ride to Coachella Friday am from LA(LAX) for your car/camping spot
  237. From Toronto to Coachella
  238. Casting out for a ride from San Fran
  239. Two BADASS people looking for a ride from Austin/San Antonio
  240. Carpool from OC / Camping Pass Needed
  241. Vegas to Coachella, coachella to LA couple spots up for grabs
  242. carpool from Orange County
  243. Our vehicle/ride for your camping site share
  244. need a ride from the airport? we need a camping spot...
  246. need ride? FRESNO-->COACHELLA
  247. Looking 4 Ride, from Irvine, OC
  248. ride from LAX friday??