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  1. Can take 2 people from Vegas, leaving Thursday afternoon
  2. who needs a ride from la to coachella
  3. need ride sunday night to LAX
  4. Las Vegas Meet-Up?
  5. need ride from LA for Sat-Sun
  6. Short Notice: Offering Ride/Camp from Bay Area
  7. LF ride from SF Bay area Thurs night/ Fri morning?
  8. LA to site and choice of return, Sun or Mon
  9. time is running out!!!! EEK!!!! HELP!!!!
  10. 1 or 2 spots from Baja/San Diego to Coachella Wednesday and returning Monday
  12. Anyone Driving In From Palm Springs Every Day?
  13. Anyone going to Stagecoach from LA?
  14. RT San Francisco to Coachella w. camping
  15. TRAVEL ALERT for those driving from L.A. - 60E to 10E!!
  16. Leaving Temecula/Riverside Area Tuesday/Wednesday
  17. I am offering a ride from the SF Valley to Coachella.
  18. Vince Vaughn Carpoolchella
  19. Anyone driving from LAX on Thursday?
  20. 2 Seats free posib 3 from anywhere near DWNTWN Los Angeles to coachella
  21. sun nite ride back to west la
  22. Tahoe ---> Coachella Picking Up on The way
  23. leaving reno thurs afternoon to coachella! need passengers
  24. PHX 2 Coachella PPL (Have car, need camp!)
  25. 2 Brits need a ride from LA to Festival on Thursday
  26. chic from chicago in last minute looking share ride from LAX thur/fri any1? any1?
  27. I am offering a ride to Coachella from LAX/Torrance area
  28. Sacramento to Coachella
  29. Tahoe to Coachella
  31. two awesome girls need a ride from LAX to Coachella THURSDAY noonish Pretty please?
  32. Offering ride from Salt Lake to Coachella
  33. i fly into LAX tomorrow at 3 PM tomorrow. Anyone need a ride for cash? :)
  34. Greyhound
  35. Landing ONT 11:15 am Thursday - Can take 3 people
  36. Coachella > San Diego on Sun or Mon (PLEASE!!!)
  37. Carpool from North Lake Tahoe to Coachella: ROOM FOR 1 maybe 2
  38. need a ride from san diego.. willing to pay!
  39. I need a ride back to LA from Coachella on Monday!
  40. Space open from LAX to Coachella and Back
  41. palm springs airport to coachella
  42. LA to coachella
  43. Last minute Greyhound deals to Coachella...$39 round trip!
  44. 3rd time's the charm... ride from LA Thursday evening (and I have a Filter invite)
  45. 2 young Aussie guys need a lift from LA!
  46. need a ride from LAX
  47. LAX to Coachella Friday
  48. looking for a ride from la to coachella thursday
  49. Room for ONE LAX->Coachella Thursday Night
  50. Local guy will transport to the festival
  51. Last minute LAX or LA area
  52. offering ride to the greatest festival
  53. Friday morning SD -> Indio
  54. Offering ride from LA
  55. need a ride from the north orange county area(fullerton) friday morning
  56. Friday 7am Leave From OC
  57. If anyone is leaving Hollywood area by 2pm we will give you $50.00 for a ride to PS
  58. PB/SD to Coachella
  59. Last Chance for a ride from Vegas...!
  60. Ride Offer: SD/OC to Coachella on Saturday/Sunday morning...
  61. Heading up from San Diego this evening
  62. my friend is offering a ride to coachella from LAX airport tonight
  63. Irvine to Coachella
  64. Drop off or Pick up
  65. I need a ride back to LAX from Coachella on Monday!
  66. Leaving San Diego Fri. 3 pm and have room
  67. LA Carpool Available
  68. Ride from Palm Springs Airport to Festival
  69. Rides after the festival on Friday & Saturday nights
  70. Ride needed from LA to Coachella tonight
  71. we need a lift on Sunday to LA
  72. LOCAL RIDES!!!
  73. Need A ride from Coachella to Bay Area Sunday night
  74. Ride Offer: Coachella to downtown LA/San Diego on 04/18(Sun.)
  75. Desperate for ride to LA
  76. SF Bay Monday riders needed
  78. Ride leaving today At around noon for lax?
  79. WET workers for Stagecoach near L.A.?
  80. offering a ride to Stagecoach
  81. offering a ride to stagecoach
  82. Local Rides to the Coachella
  83. SF to SD for Pixies 9/26!
  84. Anyone here from Edmonton, Canada or Alberta
  85. GY!BE in portland feb 18
  86. Book now for your Coachella Valley Festival rides
  87. ontact me to schedule your Coachella Concert transportation
  88. Taking reservations for Coachella & StageCoach 2011
  89. Ride from LA to Coachella Friday (2011)
  90. bay area//east bay//carpool
  91. Ride from hollywood to Coachella needed on the thursday, travelling solo
  92. In need of a lift.
  93. Split a Taxi/Rent a Shuttle: Palm Springs Airport To Indio
  94. Houston, Texas to LAX
  95. Vegas to Coachella carpool
  96. MEXICO
  97. Need a lift from LA to Coachella on Friday
  98. Arizona people
  99. Monterey to Coachella
  100. Coming from hawaii to coachella
  101. In need of a car camping spot!
  102. Will offer ride from the bay area, free gas
  103. Trade ride to and from Coachella for car-camping . Share your spot.
  104. Los Angeles....Bakersfield
  105. Need a ride from San Diego/ LA?
  106. Vancouver, BC - I have 2 friends who need a ride
  107. Palm Springs to Coachella --- ride share?
  108. How likely is it that I'll be able to trade
  109. Will Drive ANYONE to COACHELLA if I Can Camp With Them!!
  110. Rides Available
  111. Free ride in exchange for campsite company :)
  112. Coming from Memphis
  113. LA to Coachella r/t ride available
  114. we have car camping spot if you supply ride Attn: LA
  115. Southern AZ people- I'll trade a ride for a camping spot
  117. Having trouble finding a ride/getting camping gear?
  118. 2 gals from the UK need a lift...have car camping pass
  119. Ride from San Diego - Looking to share camping pass
  120. Need a car-camping pass, willing to give a ride from SD to someone with a pass
  121. Monterey to Coachella?
  122. Anyone coming from St. Louis, MO?
  123. Anyone coming from Twin Cities, Minnesota?
  124. LAX to Coachella?
  125. Ontario Airport ride available Thursday @ Noon
  126. This Is My First Coachella............ Going Alone..... Anyone in Sacramento goin? =)
  127. Colorado to Coachella...Need a Ride!
  128. Seattle to Coachella: Two seats left
  129. ASU to Coachella
  130. Need ride from W.A to Coachella!!!
  131. Do you have an extra ticket but no ride?
  132. pdx people-have room for 2.
  133. Driving from LAX
  134. SD to COACHELLA 2 camping spots avail
  135. I haz car camping
  136. Anyone from Glendale/Burbank need a ride/spot?
  137. De Tijuana makes me happy
  138. Offering Ride from Northern Cali
  139. Ride from Venice beach.
  141. Looking for Carpool from Canada
  142. Trade..we can take you..do you have 2 extra tickets?
  143. Anyone from Alberta, Canada looking to care pool
  144. from Edmonton to coachella, and anywhere in between
  145. [Offer] From Co to Coachella
  147. The British are coming...
  148. want camp mates
  149. Orange County
  150. Portlandia, OR to coachella if you got a car camping spot.
  151. Car Camping?
  152. Need a ride from LAX to Coachella
  153. A ride in echange for sharing a camping spot?
  154. driving from SD --> joshua tree
  155. ride from sf in exchange for sharing a spot
  156. Do you need a ride from San Francisco to Coachella? or in between? Room for 3.
  157. Ride from East Bay. Room for 2-3
  158. Need ride from Berkeley
  160. No ride and no camping spot? No problem!
  161. LAX to Coachella with Camping Spot!
  162. LAX to Palm Springs
  163. Canadians, unite! Car Camping in exchange for a ride
  164. Lone camping, need a ride from LA
  165. 1 Aussie groover requires a lift to Coachella from San Diego!
  166. Anyone coming from St. Louis, MO? or who want to carpool form Ontario Calif airport?
  167. Cathedral city to Coachella
  168. Anyone give me a ride from Ontario Cali airport? I have a car camping spot
  169. Ride from Santa Barbara/Isla Vista have Spot
  170. Will share camping spot for a ride from Santa Cruz
  171. Need a Ride to Coachella
  172. Camp companion car parking
  173. Ride for a Camping Spot From Santa Cruz
  174. Ride to Coachella from L.A
  175. Need a ride from L.A to Coachella
  176. Need a ride? Driving from Chicago, IL
  177. Carpoolchella: Monterey to Coachella
  178. Ride needed from L.A to coachella and back
  179. Willing to give Ride, Brew and Money in xchange for camp share...
  180. Canadian organizing trip from San Diego
  181. SF to Coachella plus car camping
  182. Ride offer- Can pick you up anywhere south of SLO to LA.
  183. Offering Ride from Twin Cities
  184. In LA offering ride, or seeking to join a group.
  185. Need lift to Coachella
  186. Ride from LAX in exchange for shared camping.
  187. :) Offering ride to Coachella from LA in exchange for camping spot
  188. I Need a ride and camping anytime anywhere!
  189. HAVE OPEN CAMPSITE, need ride from Bay Area
  190. Looking for carpool from L.A.
  191. Santa Cruz to Indio and back
  192. 2 girls<3 offer carpool for camp spot SD to coachella
  193. 1 Canadian chick looking for a ride from L.A to Coach on Thursday!! :)
  194. Need a ride from San Francisco
  195. OREGON TO COACHELLA, I have car camping pass :]
  196. LA/OC -----> Coachella
  197. San Jose to Coachella
  198. Vancouver Island, BC, Canada to COACHELLA!!!
  199. I need a ride from Tempe to Coachella
  200. Aussie needs lift back to LA after festival!!
  201. Anyone leaving Portland, OR on Thursday with an extra seat available?
  202. We(2) need a ride from SF. Have a car camping spot to share.
  203. We need 2 spots to Coachella! Can trade for cash or whatever!
  204. Portland girl with car camping spot to share
  205. Im flying in from Australia(!), ride needed from LAX to Coachella on the Friday.
  206. Need a lift from LAX to Coachella on the 14th!
  207. Sacramento ->Interpol Then -> Coachella?! This Is My First Time Going, & Maybe Last.
  208. Arcade Fire @ The Joint to Coachella!
  209. VW from Flagstaff in exchange for Camping
  210. OC to Coachella- Need Ride?
  211. gay or gay.friendly campers or roomshare??
  212. Tijuana a Coachella (Carpool + Camping)
  213. Anybody going JUST friday the 15th?
  215. Looking for ride from SF
  217. Poolchellla in Tahoe - Anyone leaving from Tahoe?
  218. THE COACHELLA Ride Finder! www.coachellaridefinder.com
  219. Need a drive? SACRAMENTO AREA TO INDIO! I have room for 1 or 2!
  220. Offered: Tempe to Coachella and back w Thursday camping
  221. 2 21 year olds need a RIDE and PARTY!!
  222. Need a ride from Coachella to San Francisco
  223. !!!2 girls with car camping pass need a lift from LAX to COACHELLA!!!
  224. Ride offer: From Santa Barbara
  225. In need of a ride home from coachella to San Diego
  226. Looking for a Ride from Flagstaff AZ to La Quinta and Back
  227. Leaving San Jose Thursday Early
  228. Need a ride from SF bay area to LA on Wed. April 13?
  229. Need ride from LAX or Ontario airport Thursday evening
  230. 2 in need of ride from Phoenix
  231. We have a Car Camping Spot but need a Ride from San Francisco for 2
  232. Flagstaff to Coachella ride offered
  233. ride/anything going on wed?
  234. Anyone need a ride from SF?
  235. Vw from la to coachella
  236. 2 Girls need a ride to and back from Coachella..will share camping in return
  237. Las Vegas-Indio and back
  238. Going SOLO from OC
  239. Looking for a lift from LAX on the 14th and camping if possible.
  240. 2 girls need a ride from LAX, we have a car camping spot to share
  241. To and From Indio from The Bay Area
  242. coachella carpools
  243. Available for your local transportation needs
  244. anyone have an empty spot in there car to and from portland to camp grounds?
  245. possible ride from lax to coachella ..
  246. Need a ride BACK to SD from Coach!!
  247. Offering ride & camping-Tucson AZ
  248. offering ride from SFV to and from coachella PLUS share camping spot
  249. Clean and sober gay guy/ I need a ride