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  1. SHOES
  2. Slim backpack suggestions?
  3. Multiple Wristbands -- Error?
  4. Parking!!!
  5. Only one original camping pass/ticket purchase per car needed?
  6. When do the set times come out?
  7. Making it back to LA on Monday before 11AM?
  8. Registering wristbands for both weekend?
  9. What can we bring if we are car camping? 21+
  10. How strict are they with Shuttle Passes?
  11. Weather is going to be tits week 1
  12. Roll your own cigarettes
  13. Basketball courts/Rec Centers located in the area
  14. Um.....
  15. Seriously?
  16. Can you get off the festival grounds, then back in again?
  17. companion parking question (re: lines, searches, etc)
  18. Festival promoters have informed us that their Car Camping Passes will not work
  20. Cigarettes
  21. Flags
  22. Is this considered a chair?
  23. VIP Parking
  24. leaving car camping early sunday - weekend 1
  25. Energy FACTory DJ Mixer
  26. Trading Passes - Lost in the mail
  27. Optimum star alignments above Indio on Saturday of second weekend?
  28. "No advertising signage or logos" in the campgrounds
  29. So i have a question about beer
  30. So what would you do?
  31. oh shit fakkkk
  32. Best Settings for iPhone at Coachella?
  33. Problem Registering Coachella Wristband! Please Help!
  34. Someone I don't know, registered a wristband on my account
  35. Looking for 2 shuttle passes for weekend 1, Palm Springs (Zone 5)
  36. If wristband registers, it's legit right?
  37. I just need to bring the wristband, nothing else from the box right?
  38. I have 4 weekend 1 Zone 6 shuttle passes and NEED ZONE 1 SHUTTLE PASSES: trade?
  39. So is there no Do Lab this year?
  40. Car Companion Pass Question PLEASE HELP
  41. That's Right Arizona...all of the booze
  42. Has Anyone had a bad experience with Zimride or PickupPal?
  43. San Francisco nightlife
  44. Is there a way to resend order confirmation?
  45. Passes Got Cancelled - Did this happen to anyone else?
  46. What is the Daily Schedule ??,, at what time do Gates Open and Close ??
  47. Arriving Thursday night
  48. ADA Parking exit?
  49. Help a girl out!
  50. Driving in
  51. Flying In, Wristband question
  52. Any word on a webcast?
  53. Can i bring an Umbrella into the arena?
  54. Never read the faqs about what NOT to post or get banned
  55. Staying in your car camping spot if one person leaves with the car?
  56. When will the lineup be released?
  57. is GoPro an acceptable camera?
  58. Parking Situation
  59. getting into campgrounds with festival wristband
  60. Camelbaks BANNED?
  61. Week 1: Rain?
  63. Camping pass question
  64. trampoline into car camping
  65. 3 Tennis Garden Shuttle Passes for Sale - Weekend 1
  66. Weather Forecast?
  67. Car Camping Issue HELP!!!!
  68. Camping pass and wristband electronically connected?
  69. something else?
  70. WEEKEND 2: Who needs babysitting?!? 3 miles from polo grounds.
  71. Maker of the official android app
  72. Can't Get Through To Front Gate
  73. rolling?????
  74. Will band merch be more expensive at Coachella?
  75. LED Gloves
  76. Getting to the airport early Monday morning
  77. Some1 needs 2 bring more lamestream noobs who post about stuff not supposed 2
  78. Taking a cab home?
  79. cameras... help!!!
  80. able to use car camping weekend 2 for weekend 1
  81. food and stuff
  82. frozen pilgrim has been off the board for like, a year, and is a confused panda.
  83. ATM's and Credit Cards
  84. how much alcohol can i bring into car camping?
  85. Leaving your car in day parking over night?
  86. Is there a route to drop people off on Thursday night?
  87. Are GA wristbands and Lake el dorado wristbands different???
  88. I registered my wristband but want to trade it for a different weekend1. Can I Still?
  89. CamelBaks?
  90. Parking at Coachella but my friends are camping
  91. DJ question - What's the difference...?
  92. Cooler: Ice vs Dry Ice
  93. Does it really rain in Indio?
  94. Car camping pass/registering wristband.
  95. Weekend 2: Companion Car Camping Sold Out?
  98. Shuttle Parking?- JW Marriott
  99. Getting a camp site before the person who bought the campspot
  100. shuttle experience?
  101. VIP Parking question
  102. Anyone know which supermarket...
  103. ATT reception?
  104. Does anyone know if Vanessa Hudgens is dealing white chocolate this year??
  105. Max Amount of Alcohol Allowed at Gate?
  106. I Need Help Working This Out!
  107. will trading car camping passes work?
  108. Got a courtesy pass, how can i buy a car camping pass? (No order to link)
  109. Companion Parking Pass Sell
  110. ii bought a wristband that has already been registered to sum1 else....
  111. VIP Driver and 2 GAs in VIP Parking?
  112. Is YOUTUBE live streaming the festival this year? If so, what weekend?
  113. Different set times for week 2?
  114. Charcoal Grills
  115. Time it takes to walk/run between all the different stages?
  116. Anyone else still have some of these left?
  117. Registering Wristbands for Both Weekends
  118. Warm Clothes?
  119. Website Mods orAdmins
  120. Eating at Coachella.
  121. Showers all in one place again for campers?
  122. No outside food, but cough drops?
  123. 2012 Bike Lot
  124. Different set times for weekend 2?
  125. Please help this first timer find a camping pass
  126. where's the android app
  127. GA versus VIP?
  128. How about verizon reception?
  129. Car Camping Entrance
  131. Missing ID/ Driver's License
  132. swimming pool
  133. Should I buy a nice canopy or a crappy canopy?
  134. lockers
  135. Parties/ VIP lounges for the 21+
  136. Coachooser Mobile NOT UPDATED
  137. coachella partys???
  138. Which car camping will they fill first
  139. What is Pure Filth Sound?
  140. Just how bad will our car camping location be if we arrive Friday morning?
  141. snacks at festival
  142. entrance checkpoint
  143. Shuttle Pass at multiple locations?
  144. Anyone need last minute WEEKEND ONE TICKET??
  145. General car camping question
  146. Cancelled Coachella Wrist band emails?
  147. onsite camping food
  148. Do I need to trade wristbands if i'm buying a car camping off of someone?
  149. Companion parking car searches...
  151. Liquor stores open late near between Ontario and Indio?
  152. Face Bandanas?
  153. How to sneak in lube?
  154. Are the ATMs bank-specific, or "generic"?
  155. anyone figure out how to link your website account's line-up to the app's?
  156. TENT size ??!!!
  157. So what does Coachella LOOK like? How are performances handled?
  158. 8 DAYS! Attn: W2 - Will you watch the webcast?
  159. WIND & RAIN!!!
  160. General Questions
  161. Parking near Shadow Hills RV resort
  162. Wristband on wrong hand
  163. Is a black and white film camera considered a professional camera?
  164. Driving Time
  165. Best time to drive from LA to avoid traffic?
  166. Companion Parking Will Call at Tennis Garden?
  167. GroupMe Messaging
  168. What sort of hearing protection to bring?
  169. Invalid RFID. HELP!!!
  170. Day parking?!
  171. sacrifices
  172. The not-so-good news: Food and drink prices?
  173. Putting a 10'x30' Gazebo Tent on a 10x30' Car Camping Space
  174. Can I bring in Aspirin??
  175. Can you bring in empty water bottles?
  176. Car Toolkits
  177. Is Car Camping Pass tied to RFID suppose to be displayed once I register my pass?
  178. Can you access the Silent Dance Party in the Activities Area without a camping pass?
  179. Bike Bicycle parking - lock up
  180. Car Camping Sticker Location?
  181. Accessing camp grounds from hotel tonight
  182. Meeting someone at a campsite
  183. laptop in locker
  184. My wristband was already registered?? WTF???
  185. Why don't coachooser and set times match up??
  186. Weekend 2 set times
  187. stupid question
  188. Does it matter if your wristband isnt registered???
  189. Palm springs anyone?
  190. Day parking gates locked?
  191. LA to coachella, weekend 2
  192. Can I leave and Come Back?
  193. Bought A Coachella Wristband Weekend 2...
  194. I got the red car camping pass, and I was wondering if I am limited to lot 13...
  195. Parking lot questions
  196. Will Call and how to get there if you're not driving?!?!
  197. Is registering your wristband essential?
  199. I've attended since 2006, sans 2011, so my question is
  200. what time do gates open
  201. Bringing food+booze from campgrounds to concert grounds
  202. Who is going alone weekend 2?
  203. Bubble blowers
  204. LOT 3 parking!!!!!!
  205. Shoes?! and other first time tips?
  206. CAR CAMPING: Gravel? Grass?
  207. Record Store Day!
  208. What exactly is Day Parking?
  209. Getting across the Polo Fields?
  210. Sleeping mat/pad for car camping?
  211. Whats the merch area like?
  212. Dear Goldenvoice, where is the vintage sale?
  213. weekend 2
  214. Please Help the Stupid Girl Who is Usually Very Smart. Need Advice From 2012 Week One
  215. Beer Gardens closing?
  216. music and ART festival?
  217. its ok to buy car camping ??!!
  218. is an rv ok in the vip camping? can you get rv's at airport?
  219. Wristbands water proof?
  220. Wanting to upgrade my 5 GA tickets to VIP - How?? At all possible??
  221. I'm only going to Brochella for Levels?
  222. Car inspection 2012
  223. How far is day parking from the polo grounds?
  224. Thinking of selling handmade bracelets for two to four dollars.
  225. Best 2012 Food Options (not in VIP)?
  226. party
  228. Where is the art?!?
  229. I'm bringing necklaces to sell in SF but am going straight to the campground from LAX
  230. Who wants Yoga at Coachella?
  231. I cant stream Coachella live
  232. Age barrier to VIP area?
  233. Gopro inside venue?
  234. Motorcycle/Scooter parking?
  235. anyone going alone to weekend 2?
  236. Camping
  237. How is parking this year?
  238. What are the different VIP Wristbands? and Is it worth it?
  239. Registering wristband guarantee authenticity?
  240. Can I buy the camping spots at coachella?
  241. What to expect, what to bring!
  242. camping next to each other
  243. Do you need VIP tickets to take showers
  244. the plastic envelope around wristband
  245. Car Camp Arrival
  246. A question about Weekend 2
  247. Walkie Talkie on the venue
  248. Metal water containers and spray/misters allowed in venue?
  249. Camping together
  250. I have 2 unregistered VIP wristbands for sale